More Than 150 Biz Leaders Endorse Biden’s Sweeping COVID Package

More than 150 business leaders from various industries have signed a letter backing President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, according to CNN.

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Of course they have, they will do better when everyone does better, and this bill will ensure that.


Right. Business is going to love $2 trillion more dollars being pumped into the economy. It’s also a good idea for the general public.


Finally back to normality


As Paul Krugman notes, the deficit scolds, the Repubs who only care about deficits when Democratic party members are in the majority and/or the presidency, will likely come out in droves.

Hey, I know how to help pay for this… roll back the yuge corporate tax cut Trump enacted. There’s at least $1 trillion right there.

Also, I agree with Josh (Marshall, not Hawley!). The Dems need to do hard-core messaging on this, getting word out on all the media, to the point where even Fox can’t make it look bad… But they’ll likely find a way, don’t worry, by bringing in some of the discredited “economists” like Stephen Moore. Look away.


What have they got to lose? Trickle down has never worked so why not give trickle up a shot?


That’s how it’s always worked!


Why has this always been so freaking hard for big business to grasp? Henry Ford got it. The stronger the middle class is, the more disposable income folks have to spend, the more of your shit they’re going to buy. If folk are worried about keeping a roof over their head, food in their belly, and the power on they’re not thinking about buying all the other creature comforts in life. Pay them well and they’ll hand it right on back to you with a smile on their face.


Dear #MoscowMitch:

Having fun, bitch?

Get used to this.


The economy was a different creature when Ford was king. A company’s success was measured in its overall heath not just the CEO’s compensation. CEO’s worked hard. The financial sector ( fire, Insurance and real estate and banking ) didn’t have the choke hold on the economy they have now and political contributions were limited so there was no reason for pols to make a slew of billionaires to keep them in office.



Days after South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg fatally struck a man while driving in September, detectives told the Republican official they’d found a pair of broken reading glasses inside his Ford Taurus. They belonged to the man he killed.


True, but the basic concept hasn’t changed. Pay people well and they will spend that money buying up their products. That isn’t even a commentary about politicians so much as it is about big business and how they’ve operated over the last several decades. They’ve spent trillions in political action for lower taxes, deregulation, to choke the middle class, and I continue to question whether it has all been worth it in the end.


I was just reading this a bit ago. Unbelievable! The poor man went through his windshield. His entire story was one big lie. His failure to render aid is depraved indifference. He should be charged with at least involuntary manslaughter.


A healthy population that can go to work and school is a prosperous population that supports our consumer driven economy. I can not understand why anyone other than a GOPster would not be in favor of it.

This helps people and shines a good light on a functioning democratic form of government.


Roll back the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy! That is all.


Because they fear this clear example of how they’ve been wrong for so long.
I remember the arguing after the Housing collapse, and how Republicans didn’t want to lower the eligibility to receive SNAP benefits, and increase the amount of SNAP benefits. There were studies cited that the money paid out immediately gets back into the economy. Republicans countered with SNAP fraud schemes which wouldn’t be surprising, but not at the level to prevent the most good going to help most people. Then there was the figure that I can’t remember now about how Wal-Mart profits off people using their SNAP benefits at their stores.


Don’t forget how out of whack CEO’s salary, not all compensation but just salary is 300 times what their average worker is making, Back in the day I believe it was something like 30.


Wow 90 whole days in jail for a hit and run? I hope there are more charges to come.

I agree with the cousin, grossly undercharged, should have been Vehicular Manslaughter.


This is not the SD AG, but some amazing BAC’s were achieved according to The Daily Mail:

‘Hit-and-run DUI driver’ had record-breaking blood alcohol level more than NINE TIMES Oregon’s legal limit

  • Driver was detained by police after hit-and-run crash in Madras, Oregon, followed by chase on Friday
  • Blood test showed his blood alcohol content was 0.778, which is nine times the legal limit and possibly the highest in state’s history
  • BAC between 0.4 and 0.5 is generally considered fatal to people
  • Highest recorded blood alcohol level in a person who survived was reported in 2005 in Bulgaria, where a 67-year-old man’s BAC was 0.914

Someone yesterday surmised that Gov Noem has this info when she requested that Ravnsborg resign.

And life imitating art, imitating life has gone completely full circle here. There was an episodes on CSI and Law & Order with this storyline. Don’t know what the original story was, but I’m sure this has happened in real life before, and the show writers took the real story and jazzed it up a bit.

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