MN AG: Chauvin Had ‘Every Reason To Believe’ He Would ‘Never Be Held Accountable’

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison believes that ex-Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted last week of murder for the death of George Floyd, killed Floyd despite knowing he was being recorded because he thought he could get away with it like killer cops have before him.

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We saw that ‘fuck you’ look on the street and in the court room.

We all shouted ‘fuck you!’ when that door slammed at the end of the trial.


Given that he hadn’t been held accountable for any of the numerous previous violations, it was a reasonable presumption.

There was a reason his priors were not allowed as evidence. I’m surprised he didn’t demand some of his goons on the force to go after the woman that recorded the incident and make her day a little less pleasant.

Yeah, he is that kinda guy.


Kinda OT, but stumbled on this earlier today. An example of police reform done well. A deeply corrupt dept forced to change results in 40% drop in serious crime over the last 5 years.


“Every reason to believe he would never be held accountable”
Truer words have never been spoken.


There also must be a thorough investigation of who wrote and approved that disgusting initial MPD press release that covered up the torture and murder of George Floyd by calling it a “medical incident.”


And this should be the example, the model, of reforms all over the country.

Those that follow the model should get a bit of extra support from the Feds to entice the more recalcitrant to get on board.

Camden, NJ, is another example, as they’ve done much of the same, if I recall.


Which is why they’re going to keep on testing the system to make sure that this was the very, very rare exception, not the rule. And they’ll probably be right, in that they’ll get away again, and again. Few cases are this obvious and airtight. This isn’t about the legitimate limits of police power and effective and proper policing methods. This is about privilege and entitlement, of privileged and entitled people who believe that they have and are allowed to use and abuse such power as they see fit, literally no different from the inspiration for Trumpism and the cause of the 1/6/21 attacks. They’re going to close ranks and fight back, and it’s going to get really, really ugly. They’re not going down without a bloody fight. Do Dems have the stomach for it? Absent something even bigger coming along, it’s going to become one of the if not the major campaign issues of the 2022 election.

We’ve been fighting some variation of the Civil War since literally 1865, starting with Lincoln’s assassination. It has less to do with racism, although that’s clearly a big part of it, than it has to do with privilege. Same as with guns, male dominance, white power, gay wedding cakes, climate change, and the rest of it. People don’t like change if it means giving something up, even if what they’re being asked or made to give up is illegitimate, bad and unnecessary. It’s just basic human nature, of the sort that can’t be rationally countered. Only force works in such situations. It’s like dealing with a bratty 2 year old.


Yep. But now the Civil War has metastasized.
We have a long way to go to achieve racial equity in this country.
The Floyd verdict was just one important step.


Eventually, we’ll win. We always do. Probably more with a whimper than with a major victory such as this one. They’ll just give up one day, or forget what they were fighting us over. It’ll be sort of like the ACA, which a majority of Americans opposed when it was passed and a majority now like and approve of. The majority of Americans are infantile, selfish and spoiled idiots (I 100% believe that) and there’s not much we can do about it but push them in the right direction. Rational self-rule is a ruse. People can’t govern themselves. Only wise and tough people can. Hopefully they’re also benevolent and decent.


I’m liking Keith Ellison in this role of righteous ass kicker. Fightin’ Dems tend to make Republicans squeal and clutch their pearls, which ain’t exactly an alpha look.


Ellison and Pelosi. Two folks you discount at your own peril.


They didn’t do it willingly. This is an example of the federal consent decree that Sessions ended during his tenure and continued during the entire administration.

From the article:
The reforms are the results of a federal consent decree, the billy club used by the Department of Justice after a long investigation concluded in 2014 revealed the rot that had infested the department for decades. It found a rogue department that tolerated widespread brutality and racism, with no accountability, and zero training on how to de-escalate confrontations with civilians.

Camden is another example of police reform done well, but it was the state and city that took action.


Meh, what has either really accomplished, except for all that great stuff?

That said, for various reasons, she needs to pass the torch pretty soon. I’m liking Adam Schiff–or Tim Ryan, if he passes on running for Portman’s senate seat.


To be clear, I don’t think that the defense had much to work with in this case, but the sense that he would get away with it might explain their central thesis, which was essentially “we all know that black people are on drugs” and bringing in a medical examiner who seems to have baselessly made that argument many times before.


A more generalized version of that is “All black people are beasts who can only be controlled with massive force”, and that by snuffing out Floyd’s life, Chauvin was only protecting us decent white people.


Chauvin my have been suffering a delusion particular to his prosecution. There’s no reason to believe police going forward are going to be universally held accountable for abuse and murder of those they detain or arrest. His conviction may signal nothing more than he is going to prison.


Yes, good practices go hand in hand with effective action against crime. The Minneapolis PD not only has a terrible record as far as brutality, they suck at solving crimes. Their murder clearance rate is terrible and they have thousands of unprocessed rape kits.

I couldn’t help thinking that while Chauvin was spending almost 10 minutes murdering George Floyd and 3 other officers were standing around watching, all over a counterfeit $20 that Floyd may not even have known was fake, the one thing they were not doing was actually solving serious crimes.


What strikes me about that video is that while that asshole is kneeling on George Floyd’s neck and slowly squeezing the life out of him, he has his left hand in his pocket. As if he is just biding his time, while waiting for the toaster to pop up or something.

Throw his ass in gen pop.