Milley Fumed Over Trump Preaching ‘Gospel Of Führer’ By Pushing Big Lie | Talking Points Memo

Gen. Mark Milley, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reportedly compared then-President Trump’s refusal to concede the election to Adolf Hitler, saying that Trump preached “the gospel of the Führer” by pushing falsehoods of a “stolen” election.

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MIlley is spot-on with his assessment of how combustible the Jan. 6th insurrection could have become if Trump successfully declared a State of Emergency. I wish more military patriots were vocal about how fucked up and dangerous these MAGA pseudo patriots are.


Yes I was rather gratified to see that he called them what they are - Nazis. I know he and the rest of the military take this seriously from what he said and that is a comfort.


Was he called up to testify before the second impeachment? Did he let anyone know, through channels, that he might have something to say about Trump’s efforts to overthrow the government?


Now he wants to cover his ass.


I fear that Milley’s speculation, that the military would have intervened to prevent Trump from seizing power, is too rosy by half.

For one, Trump has developed a talent for firing his way through decent people until he finds sycophantic accomplices. All the jokes we made in the early Trump years about his firing people really missed the point: he was shopping for villains at a lightning pace, and it worked great.

For another, it displays a lack of imagination regarding the myriad ways Trump could have disguised his coup; another of Trump’s talents is that he has a very good sense of how quickly to heat the water without alarming the frog. It’s one of the few things of real value that he brought to the Koch-owned GOP. He has a pampered billionaire’s audacity and a lifelong sexual predator’s instinct for how not to spook the herd.


On Jan. 6, Milley was reportedly at the White House when he watched Trump’s remarks at a “Stop the Steal Rally” — when the then-President told a crowd of his supporters to “fight like hell” to overturn the election results — hours before the Capitol insurrection on the day of the joint session of Congress certifying Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

How the hell the insurrection didn’t turn into a bloodbath is beyond me.


It is reported that “Milley fumed.” To whom? What good is “fuming” if there is an attempt to foment unrest and potential overthrow of the government? In this case, “fuming” is akin to “wringing your hands.”


Did you forget that the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff plus several retired generals all spoke out before the insurrection and said that the military would have nothing to do with the election?

You never think anything is ok.


I agree. And this is good too.

Gen. Mark Milley, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reportedly compared then-President Trump’s refusal to concede the election to Adolf Hitler, saying that Trump preached “the gospel of the Führer” by pushing falsehoods of a “stolen” election.

The Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff making a direct comparison of Trump’s actions to Hitler’s just might get the attention of the media. And for those, insurrecting in the cheap seats, that’s not good. But that’s where we were.



Its clear that the senior staff/command wouldn’t go along, but its clear from the vets/police who participated in the 1/6 insurrection, there was/is significant support within the ranks.

How much is unclear. However, its likely enough to throw the military into disarray, making them a neutral factor (i.e. neither able to support or stop a serious coup attempt).


Milley reportedly said that the U.S. was facing its “Reichstag moment,” referring to the 1933 arson attack on the German parliament in Berlin that happened four weeks after Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany. The Nazi Party used the attack as a pretext to claim that communists were plotting against the German government

2012 must have been smeg’s ‘beer hall putsch’ moment.


The psychopath who would destroy our country.


Yet another in the never-ending genre of Trump administration officials finding a friendly journalist to explain how they were actually heroes of the resistance. I don’t doubt that it’s somewhat more true with Gen. Milley than most of the others, skepticism is nevertheless warranted.


I wonder what he did there at the WH on 1-6 after hearing trump inciting a coup?


“…they’re boogaloo boys, they’re Proud Boys. These are the same people we fought in World War II.”

And beat. And we’ll beat them again and again, because we’re the United States in America.


The Reichstag Moment is ongoing. This one is a slow roll, but it sure as hell hasn’t ended yet.


All of us here knew what Trump would do when he took Office in 2017.


Scale and scope was unexpected in my case. Not that I expected good, but damn things went way, way out of hand and rapidly.


These stories are so psychotic that you just know they’re all true.

And, for the nay-sayers: if Pelosi and Michelle Obama both complimented Miley, and Pelosi even grilled him about how he and the other military staff were going to guarantee an orderly succession, and they both still thanked him in the aftermath, maayyyyyybe you oughta figure that Nancy & Michelle know better’n you, huh?


I am confused by Trump’s tweets - what is he talking about? Obama won the popular vote and the electoral college “by a lot”.

Oh never mind.