Mike Johnson Again Offers Up The House As Trump’s Mouthpiece

Fox News Digital was first to report on yet another effort by House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) to use his gavel to show Donald Trump that House Republicans are fighting his battles — regardless of whether or not Johnson’s razor-thin House majority is able to actually fight those battles.

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Mike Johnson. Very firmly spineless.


I suppose the only thought that gives me comfort right now is they’ll all dump him if he ever becomes a liability to their election chances.


There are no more issues, just Trump’s revenge.


I disagree. Mike’s got a spine. It’s Trump’s hand and forearm shoved right up there.


So, not a frivolous question, why not dump Johnson and vote Trump in as Speaker of the House?

The “Speech and Debate” clause should give him plenty of leeway to spout off all day every day pretty much with impunity. He may need to leave to campaign and if he’s re-elected to the presidency, he can resign and pretty much hand-pick a successor.

I think the only actual downside for Trump is that he’d actually have to be there to “work” on a pretty regular basis. The House isn’t currently accomplishing anything anyway…


“We’re going to do everything we can, everything within our scope of our responsibility in the Congress, to address it appropriately."

Mike, you have a five-member majority with four vacancies that include 3 Republican seats open.

You can’t even keep your Speakership without Democratic support.

Get over yourself.


“We’re going to do everything we can, everything within our scope of our responsibility in the Congress, to address it appropriately. And I announced this morning to our conference, we’re working on a three-pronged approach,” Johnson said.

“We’re looking at various approaches to what can be done here through the appropriations process, through the legislative process, through bills that will be advancing through our committees and put on the floor for passage and through oversight. All those things will be happening vigorously.”

Hey, Mikey.

Remember how the Dems saved your sorry posterior those last two times?

I wouldn’t rely on going to that well a third time, if you persist in this line of thinking.


Theocracy Boy says: “We’re going to do everything we can, everything within our scope of our responsibility in the Congress, to address it appropriately.“

Translation: “We have no idea what our responsibility in Congress is, and we don’t care. But we’re gonna do all the rightwing antidemocratic inhumane grifting and cruelty stuff we can think of.”


Skippy opens his mouth and anus as Trump’s mouthpiece. Sorry for the vulgarity but this man deserves endlessly ruthless treatment. I hear from my friends on the Hill that he is prickly, immature, and prone to outbursts at his staff. I say we go all out on him. Why not?


a “three-pronged” strategy for addressing a GOP-imagined crisis”

Steps 1,2, and 3. Stop supporting criminals.


Are his (and the others) constituents REALLY that dumb that they don’t see their “Representatives” don’t do a goddamn ounce of real work - for them or anyone else? And how much do all of these shows (i.e., “testifying” by Fauci, Garland, etc.) COST? How about a fucking story on THAT?


Wow, that last link to the Colorado Republican party calling to burn pride flags…I’m just shaking my head at a party that thinks outright hatred is a winning platform. It’s not even very Christian of them to take that stance, Jesus would have been on the side of LGBT+ people, absolutely no doubt about that. That hate is starting to leak into the national party messaging as well…it used to be disguised but more and more we hear the same things, and not just from outliers like MTG.

It doesn’t seem like it will be too much longer before one of the ruby red states goes all out on legislation outlawing existing if you’re LGBT+ and punishing women for having sex outside of marriage, in several places they are right on the edge of going for it. A Trump win will probably unleash them, or a SCOTUS decision that gives even more scope for religious people to discriminate against whoever they want.

It’s so horrible compared to where we should be as a nation…and it makes me furious that some people say they aren’t going to vote for Biden to “punish” him or Democrats, when the only people that will be punished will be Americans who want to live in a country that hasn’t fallen into a Christian theocracy dictatorship run by Trump and right wingers.


WWJYA? (Who would Jesus yell at?)


As referenced in the Evening Briefing:

“A Michigan man was sentenced today to 26 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release for conspiring with other members of a white supremacist group, The Base, to victimize Black and Jewish people, and for defacing Temple Jacob, a Jewish synagogue in Hancock, Michigan, using swastikas and symbols associated with The Base.”

For those of you with short memories, the Base is the approximate English translation of an infamous Islamic terrorist group: “al Qaeda.”

The right-wing nuts in this country really do model themselves on the very elements they claim to abhor. They’ll harass some harmless 7-Eleven clerk from the Middle East just doing his job, but they admire Osama bin Laden.


I think it can be assumed that between now and November, no serious legislation will pass the house. So the Dems should give Born Again Asshole Johnson no cooperation whatsoever. Let Johnson twist in the wind. If MTG and the rest of the Asshole Caucus dumps him, oh well. Now every Dem should concentrate on claiming victory everytime Biden signs an executive order to improve things, ala the border. Forget Congress and concentrate on simple and easily understood improvements via executive orders. Just because the legislators are stuck in the mud, there is a great reason for Biden to “legislate” by fiat.


…because, if they won’t let you weaponize the DOJ the right way, the way TDICFFG wants to weaponize it, then weaponize the House of Representatives in an act of impotent rage.


So what exactly is Magic Mike going to do to punish the libs?


A lot of folks are calling the Christian Nationalist Evangelicals the Christian Taliban