Michigan Still Allows Emergency Takeovers of Local Governments. Is It Finally Time To Reconsider This Drastic Measure? - TPM – Talking Points Memo

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I wish Maryland had the same legislation in place to use to takeover the City of Baltimore which has become ungovernable. Sadly, our Governor, Wes Moore, would never do it because he only wants to talk about change, rather than owning it. Oh well, just another Democrat ruining everything on their watch.

You do know that the American economy is flourishing and inflation abating, right?

For the most part, municipalities raise revenue through property taxes and provide a defined set of services —schools, roads, police, fire, elections, parks, etc. Thriving cities can add sales tax and income tax.

Declining cities tend to have high costs, as they have the pension burden of much bigger cities. So, when people do simple comparisons, they see way too much pension expense/liability for the number of government employees — a sign of bad management.

This is particularly true when compared with growing suburbs, which have a bigger current workforce than past, so a lower pension burden than a stable cities has. The suburbs grow as people flee the city.

As cities struggle, taxes go up, services decline and the higher-income residents flee accelerating the decline.

Rather than seeing a fundamental mismatch between ability to raise revenue and required expenses, people see bad management.


Never. Elect. Republicans.

Even the most carefully crafted or well intentioned law depends on the interpretations of actual humans. Good people will have honest disagreements about how to do this, but this is impossible with Republicans, who’re neither good nor honest.