McEnany Says Trump’s Balcony Stunt Sends Message That ‘America Will Overcome’ COVID | Talking Points Memo

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany who announced that she had tested positive for coronavirus on Monday, touted President Donald Trump’s ongoing recovery from the virus saying it showed how “America will overcome.”

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Yes, everyone knows that gasping for air and wincing because your lungs are shot is a sign of “strength”.

And it was a nice moment to see, but not for the reasons you had in mind, Infected Agit Prop Barbie.


Kayleigh, Kayleigh, Kayleigh. Why don’t you just STFU and go work on getting better?
We want you nice and healthy for the viewing in the Rotunda.


“I am pleased to see our Commander-in-Chief is doing well,” McEnany told Fox News’ Sean Hannity during an interview on Monday. “Watching him on the balcony just showing that we will overcome, America will overcome just as he is overcoming this illness, I think was a really nice moment for our country to see.”

If Hannity weren’t such a homer for this administration, he’d have stopped her after she uttered the phrase “doing well.” He’s clearly not doing well, and his doctors and staff seem intent on propping him up, pharmaceutically-speaking, until they can no longer hide his condition . . . or the day after the election, whichever comes first.


Actually the message I see is he is without a doubt the most selfish bastard on the face of the earth.


I dunno, I kinda got the whole orange ghost of Mussolini thing out of it, myself. ymmv, I guess.


OT Whoever gave this thug a badge should be fired…



“The President has full confidence in his health and the status of his recovery…”



Still not one mention of the 210,000+ Americans that have died from this viral disease. Not. One. Mention. That’s how much he’s learned from all this. Not even a tiny shred of understanding or compassion for others now being in a similar situation to those people who have had far less VIP-type care. Pisses me off to no end.

“I learned a lot. This isn’t the ‘let’s read the books’ school”. Yeah, riiiight…Its the kind of learning you get going to tRump University.

h/t some doofus on CNN


“The President has full confidence in his health and the status of his recovery…”

I gotta wonder if Pravda Barbie can say the same thing, or are her efforts to emulate his shining example going to bring her to the same pass, medically. (ed.)


“A fool always finds some great fool to admire him.” – Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux


Should read: ‘Racist cop shoots good Samaritan in the back.’


Is it awful I’m hoping she gets symptomatic? Not respirator symptomatic, but enough to knock some sense into that head of hers? Because I think personal experience is the only way she learns something.


I dunno, a respirator would at least stop her lying gob for a few days or weeks…


The thing to hammer home over and over is if you get the best possible care in the world and it is caught right at the start you might survive.
Maybe in six months or a year that sort of care will be available to most people, but unlikely.
Doesn’t help the majority of people a bit.


Trump, what a stunt.

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Now tRump’s back to tweeting about the flu being comparable to the coronavirus. He really is a fucking one-trick pony. The guy needs new material. He’s simply uneducable because he prefers ignorance to learning something new that might alter his preconceived nonsense and interfere with his batshit disinformation campaign.


Jesus. Dude got shot for trying to help someone. What the fuck is wrong with some people?


“This was a novel virus that came in from China. No one had seen it. There were no tests. There were no therapeutics,” McEnany said. “In short order, President Trump developed them and this vaccine is on pace to be the fastest vaccine for a novel pathogen in human history.”

Trump developed the therapeutics to fight COVID?

I wonder if all the front line doctors and nurses and scientists know that.


I swear to God they give applicants to THIS WH an IQ test and pick the stupidest…someone who will parrot garbage to the detriment of the ‘people’…