McConnell Open To Slightly Bigger Infrastructure Plan As Week Of Negotiations Begins

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) signaled openness to a bigger infrastructure package Sunday, a potentially positive sign to open a week peppered with bipartisan meetings and negotiations.

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Hot dog! McConnell wants to work in a bipartisan way for the good of the country!!! Things are truly turning around.

Also, I have a bridge in Manhattan that I really need to get off my hands. PM me. Serious offers only.


Smoke and Mirrors, that’s all. Look squirrel!


Mitch doesn’t photograph well. Mitch doesn’t negotiate or compromise very well. Mitch doesn’t act as a decent human being very well.


The way to pay for infrastructure is through the gas tax that already exists, and the gap between that and what we’re willing to spend here needs to be credibly paid for, and the best way to pay for infrastructure is with the people who use it,” McConnell said during the Sunday interview

Some of us live in a state with one of the lowest gas taxes, which they do want to raise, but somehow the Republicans will try and insert a tax break on businesses. Besides I always thought the gas tax was for maintenance of current infrastructure?

And frankly where was this plan in previous 4 years? We four years of “the Infrastructure Week announcement will be in the next week or two”.


He still doesn’t get that he’s a nonfactor in these negotiations and that it doesn’t matter what he does or doesn’t think. He rendered himself irrelevant when he announced that his number one legislative goal was to stop Biden. The only question is whether or not a few members of his caucus think they can survive voting against a popular infrastructure bill. That’s the only question that has anything to do with him at all.


McConnell like other Repubs would like the the Dems to cut a smaller cheque because they know it’s not enough to succeed and make change. That would be in their favour. As we know, it’s party before country.

Enough time has been wasted trying to bring sense to the GOP. Hopefully Biden is ready to make his moves now.


Because of factories and jobs fleeing America in favor of developing countries, and Republican tax-avoiding schemes, our country has been starved of revenue to manage and upgrade our infrastructure.

Because of this undeniable history, it would be entirely fitting to raise capital gains and corporate tax rates to pay for these improvements.


My only recommendation to Biden and the other Democrats is GO BIG or GO HOME. America needs to spend big right now or we will slip out of the first world all the way to the third.

Trump would have won re-election if he had really embraced infrastructure instead of his billionaire tax cut. It is what America really needs right now. He just wasn’t smart enough to realize it.


Sorry… but FUCK Mitch McConnell… why should anyone give a SHIT about what he thinks


But for negotiating purposes, it’s still something.

Starting at 20¢ on the $1 is not negotiating, it’s an insult on a par with “all due respect.” This is nothing more than McConnell taking a small step back from his pledge to focus 100% on hamstringing the Biden administration, a point Fox will beat to death as GOP willing to negotiate, Democrats refuse.

the best way to pay for infrastructure is with the people who use it

Everybody uses or benefits from infrastructure so everybody should pay for it. It’s called a tax increase.


Actually what Mitch is after is a bridge ya know… only it’s not in NYC. It spans the Ohio River from Cincinnati to Covington Kentucky. And it carries I-75. It’s been in need of rebuilding for decades.


OT, since it doesn’t even make TPM’s news anymore … there were nine mass shootings this past weekend.


Oh, and more OT, but much more fun. The GOP had their ranked choice primaries this weekend here in VA. I guess there were some … glitches.

*Their own activists couldn’t traverse all of the GOP’s newly-imposed “voter integrity” verifications. Evidently, a whole bunch of people didn’t know how to do fill out the necessary paperwork so they left whole portions blank, which, under the new strict vote-counting rules the Republicans are pushing, should result in throwing out the ballot or registration form."


The fact that McConnell said anything at all is significant.

That’s how fucked he is.


“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) signaled openness to a bigger infrastructure package Sunday another kabuki dance of dead-end delay to jerk around anyone left on the planet who still believes he isn’t a proto-Nazi mob boss, a potentially positive sign another desperate attempt at ‘bipartisan’ bullsh-t for gullible rubes to open a week peppered with bipartisan meetings and negotiations more sensationalism barked by scandal-starved pundit jackasses horrified by a glimpse of their own irrelevance in the shadow of a competent and non-criminal administration.”



Mitch thinks? Are you really sure of that?


First thought of each day: Power!! How do I get more?


:100: :100: :100:


Is this how Mitch signals he won’t TOTALLY screw over the American taxpayer??? ‘We’ll give you SOME roads and bridges but you won’t be able to DRIVE on them because we won’t take care of the rest. We have to save SOME money to rebate to the very wealthy when we’re in control again!’

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