McConnell Dodges Bolton Subpoena, Schumer Demands It

Both Senate leaders took the floor for their planned addresses Monday, hours after former National Security Adviser John Bolton dropped the bombshell news that he’d be willing to testify in the impeachment trial if subpoenaed.

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Democrats should point out that article 2 answers Moscow Mitch’s statement that the House didn’t pursue certain avenues…trying to wait out subpoenas in light of the absolute blockage by the administration could have taken years and just was not viable. With the chance to evaluate new evidence that has come to light, and get testimony, a responsible agent would be pursuing that instead of trying to ignore everything and hold a show trial. Schumer is doing the right thing to point this out every time he can, and try to wear down some of the Republicans who either fear for their seats or actually believe in their oaths.

I doubt any of this matters in the end, Mitch will twist arms and force through his wishes, and then hope that nothing even worse happens that voters punish him and Republicans for. Sadly, he may actually have a winning strategy in that.


Which is why I hope Schiff absolutely goes forward with a hearing on Soleimani. Bolton agreeing to honor a subpoena threatened to turn the news cycle away from Iran, and McConnell wants that distraction to continue while he works in the shadows to kneecap the Senate’s trial proceedings. Schiff beginning an inquiry on Soleimani indirectly keeps the issue of Trump’s fitness for office alive, and works to package the warring news threads together and tie them with a bow. Chalk one up for Schiff. Just do it and keep talking about it. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that Schumer’s making his bit of noise either.


Oh, but you underestimate the Moron. He’s probably fuming that his drone strike isn’t having the desired effect and will do something rash soon. Maybe some of the Republicans didn’t figure on having to defend a new war, which might influence a vote or two.

Meh, probably not.

ETA: I also wouldn’t be surprised if there was a leak regarding the “imminent threat.”


Another precision drone strike on another lead balloon.



Democrats “are pursuing avenues that Chairman Schiff himself didn’t bother to pursue,” he said, adding later that “the Senate does not just bob along on the currents of every news cycle.”



And I’d imagine there would be good reason to subpoena Bolton regarding Suleimani, as Pompeo and Pence have been beating that drum for quite some time now. It might help explain what their rationale was then compared to now, where they claim there was an “imminent” threat, but have provided no evidence.

The media needs to get answers from Gardner, Tillis, and McSally in particular, as Josh pointed out, on this issue.


Schiff is on it.

Trump-Ukraine was for its national survival (and our security)

Trump-Iran is for higher stakes than even that. Americans feel less secure and under more threat than anything ever discussed during Trump-Ukraine, weeks ago.

No Republican can sweep it under the rug without severe consequences.

I cannot conceive anything Moscow McConnell can say to allay the concern of decent American citizens…and CERTAINLY NONE of his reptilian disclaimers are going to cut the mustard. Who does he think he’s talking to?**

** That last sentence was for any Boo Bird Gloom Patroler who wishes to try a snarky wisecrack


I really want a collection of all the notional excuses Moscow Mitch has tossed out over the years to deflect from the fact that his approach to governing is to push the pillow hard into the country’s face until it stops breathing.

Today, it’s “Bolton is a fad.”


OT Someone should inquire after Brett Stephen’s whereabouts this past weekend.


But they can bury it under claims of national security that would reveal sources and methods.


Dems need four rethugs to flip. Ain’t gonna happen. They will march lockstep. Not one will stand up to Moscow Mitch or fat Nixon.

The House withdrew Kupperman’s subpoena, choosing to focus on witnesses willing to testify and lump the rest in with the case for the White House’s obstruction. Bolton was never subpoenaed.

I don’t understand why the Dems didn’t just leave the subpoena stand. I think they should have subpoenaed Bolton, too, and let things play out. A judge sided with the Kupperman subpoena and that would have applied to Bolton as well. They would have had better reasons for reconvening the House investigation and getting both Kupperman and Bolton on record.

I wouldn’t be surprised if those pests weren’t crabs left behind by the normal Walmart customers trying on clothes.


the Senate does not just bob along on the currents of every news cycle.

UHH… yes they do… at least those on the GOP side of the aisle


"You talkin’ ta ME???
(Taxi Driver)

What else can I do at a time like this but throw snark around?

If the blood sucking pests are in a pill bottle it seems to me they were not ‘released’. But I am happy to read the incident took place far away from where I live.