McConnell Blesses Centrist Dems’ Attempt To Blow Up Two-Track Infrastructure Plan

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) cheered the attempt by some moderate Democrats in the House to decouple the two infrastructure bills, threatening the future of the Democrats’ sweeping reconciliation package.

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So take that in… as a Democrat. Mitch McConnell approves of what you are doing and Nancy Pelosi/Chuck Schumer does not.

Maybe it means you are on the wrong side of the issue. Maybe wrong side of the aisle


Fuck off Mitch.

I like hearing very little from him these days.


Hey Mitch. Remember that porthole you can blow out of?
It’s still available.


Everything you need to know right there. He has a gift for clarifying seemingly complex issues.


Hey Yertle, instead of shitting on everything, how about actually getting some shit done for a change?


Votes on whether to vote or not. And here is the House called back from their 6 week long vacation to … you know … work … which in normal parlance means to gum things up good 'n proper. Which is what Mitch wants to see. I hope those democrats screwing with this realize they’re making Mitch McConnell very very happy. They should be ashamed.
Does anyone in DC give a shit about the country anymore? Or is it all self aggrandizement?


This, like everything involving McConnell, is all about POWER.

Right now Democrats have the power, and it literally is a case of use it or lose it.

McConnell gets it. In fact the entire Republican Party gets it as the greed for power is all that holds the GOP together. The problem is, in fact has been for a long time, so called “Centrist Dems” do not get it.

The failure of “Centrist Dems”, in fact it is why they are being called “Centrist Dems” when in fact “Clueless Dems” would be more accurate, to get that this is all about power is why the two bills must be coupled.


Why wouldn’t he? They’re his fifth columnists. I despise McConnell, and despite appearances, I’ll lay good odds on his still being in the senate when rising sea levels threaten DC 25 years from now. He’ll be injecting formaldehyde into his wizened pecker when I’m smoke in the wind and ashes in the ocean.

In the meantime, Biden means business. Not bowing to the media/military/industrial establishment.


Seems clear to me that this is why so many Republicans voted for the senate bill. The fix was in. Manchin and Sinema probably ensured Republicans that in exchange for a bipartisan “win” they would make sure the reconciliation sinks.

Dems need to scrap this entire charade now, and go 100% reconciliation. Force Manchin and Sinema to vote against it.


I keep telling myself that the only reason we’ve gotten this far is because of the Georgia miracle. That’s all I can hang onto at this point.


Oh, THAT’s gonna really improve the popularity of the Obstreperous Nine within their own caucus. Hey, maybe we can get Ted Cruz to jump in here, too.


Oh, Ralph. How I’ve missed your imagery.


Nancy Pelosi will gut both #MoscowMitch and the “centrist” “Democrats” like fish.


At the risk of putting too fine a point on it, if the Moderate Democrats think for one second that by ‘playing nice’ w/ the Republican’ts means the Rs will pull their punches when the MoDems campaign for reelection next year, I suggest the MoDems have a chat w/ Kendra Horn, who rode a Blue Wave into the House from OKC(!) in '18–then got slaughtered in '20.

For the climate and democracy, it’s now or never!


Pelosi should be on the phone with NJ after this is passed to ensure Gottheimer’s district is reconfigured so that it is maximally susceptible to a primary challenge from the left. He is a turncoat and should be destroyed. The rest can be left alone but should be at the end of the line for committee assignments.


It was a sham on the GQP side all along: look like they care but ultimately vote against it when its nut-cutting time.


Well, maybe not that’n, specifically… :smirk: :mask:


“I wish the moderates in the House success,” McConnell said

I wish Schumer and the Democratic Senate continued success. The Senate is much better run now.


I am a member of no organized political party. I’m a Democrat.