McCabe Not Buying DOJ Excuse For Blocking Whistleblower Complaint

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Monday blasted President Donald Trump over reports that the President had tried to get the president of Ukraine to investigate his 2020 Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

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He’s right, but his chiming in right now may be seen as an attempt to get attention away from his own situation.

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Everything McCabe said has the benefit of being true, but McCabe is playing this correctly. If they indict him it will look even more political.


“In fact, it’s remarkable to have an American political figure, much less the President of the United States, pushing a foreign government, especially one that we have concerns about corruption issues within their own criminal justice establishment, pushing that foreign government to begin an investigation of a U.S. citizen.”

Not just an American citizen, the former Vice President.

And not just pushing to conduct an investigation, but pushing for a result when an investigation has already been conducted and found nothing.

And not just pushing for a foreign government to conduct an investigation, but doing so when we’ve already got the FBI, presumably one of the best investigative agencies in the world.


“…Attorney General Bill Barr’s double standards…”

If it weren’t for double ones, Barr wouldn’t have any standards.


Is it true that ChairWoosie Nadler is chomping at the bit to get right on this?

Better that he say on his Central Park bench and keep feeding those pigeons…

Melania’s remodel of WH master bedroom was good!


I’m guessing he’ll let Schiff run with ths one for awhile.


However he does have a surplus of chins.


Chin, guts, asses, thighs,…


The Justice Department and acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire have refused to allow Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson to hand over the complaint, telling Atkinson he was not “authorized” to do so

Not to evoke a bygone era, but didn’t there used to be something or other about obeying an illegal order…


“DOJ, whose prosecutors are likely to issue an indictment against the former top FBI official sometime in the near future.”

I do not believe that is a valid statement. The Grand Jury was re-convened after a long absence, and failed to issue an indictment. Possibly they issued a sealed indictment, or will re-covene in the future to issue an indictment, but as of now there is no evidence of an imminent indictment (or more accurately, a biased witch hunt). Even the cited Politico article pointed out all the negatives with an indictment.


The WhistleBlower is talking about an Intelligence matter. I am happy McCabe is weighing in.


He’s right, but his chiming in right now may be seen as an attempt to get attention away from his own situation.

i think you are confusing mccabe with donald trump.

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Unfortunately, I’m not. I’m thinking that McCabe wants to keep from getting indicted (wrongly, true, but nonetheless something he wants to avoid).

Apparently the grand jury doesn’t think McCabe has a situation.


Barr, to bartender (or, is it Barr-tender?): “Make it a double for me (hiccup).”

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