Man Outfitted With Weapons, Body Armor Arrested In Walmart

A man in his 20s, outfitted with weapons, body armor, military-style fatigues and more than 100 rounds of ammunition, was arrested Thursday after causing a mass panic at a Walmart in Missouri.

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tRump’s base has been emboldened.


Legalized terror. Now we’ve got folks arming up just for the laughs and clicks for their instagram accounts.


Arrested without incident.

What would have happened had he been Black? or any other non-white-guy attire?
Death by lead-poisoning.

Somehow however, this seems like some kind of set-up to PROVE that a “Good Guy with a Gun” can “protect us” and thus we don’t NEED any stinking gun-controls!

It seems pretty convenient that the armed “off-duty Firefighter” just HAPPENED to be standing outside the same emergency door this guy exited and “held him at gunpoint” until the police arrived.


There is no good reason why body armor is available to everyone. That’s an easy fix. Only allow it to be sold to the military and law enforcement. Bubba doesn’t need body armor to protect himself when he’s out shooting Bambi.


They’re gonna take back our government when the tyrants take over.


This so called male is just trying to find love from Trumptards.
From watching him on TV and reading he was filming himself I doubt he was going to pull the trigger.
He is the typical male supporter by taking a gun somewhere to prove his loyalty and his manliness even though he is a closet coward.


And TrumpsTerrorists continues…
While MoscowMitch offers vague promises of looking into it
And Mr & Mrs. Inciter-In-Chief grins with the baby he helped become orphaned while discussing crown size & rock star status in a tragic event he is visiting!

This is on you all Mr & Mrs Inciter/MoscowMitch/Rs/NRA/Trump Supporters! Hope the bloodshed will haunt you for the rest of your greedy & hateful lives!


You haven’t seen the enormous herds of foreign Bambi that are pouring over our borders and invading our Wal-Marts, have you? Those suckers are mean…


Actually, that’s where he needs it the most. Having grown up in hunting territory, every year it seemed more trigger-happy hunters (especially on the opening and closing days of the season) shot each other than deer.


Yes, that’s fine and all… but you didn’t mention the concern level of Senator Collins. That’s the stuff we need to know!


That’s why you just put a round into the tree they’re standing next to when they “don’t see your vest.”

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Nothing to see here folks, just another “lone wolf” virtue-signaling to his white supremacist buddies who’ll be given a slap on the wrist and maybe a $100 fine. Please return to your regular shopping for Chinese slave labor merchandise.


This just in: “Sen. Collins is concerned about your concern concerning her commitment to voicing concern in this and other like situations. We assure you that she is most deeply concerned, and will continue to be concerned until an opportunity arises to override that concern with a vote against whatever concerns you most.”


He will probably sue for false arrest, Would not surprise me if he won too, Open carry is legal there


I have lived in rural Texas much of my life. I always dread deer season. When someone asks me why I don’t go out to “get yer deer” I simply explain that there are too many drunken idiots with high powered weapons. I am scared of getting shot.


Details matter, but from what I read it may well be the case that the man’s rights may have been violated. Is perfectly legal in Missouri to carry a gun around, if the Walmart had no sign banning guns from the premises he was in his right to walk in (he could still have been ask to leave, and he would have to comply). The fireman that detained him might have committed a crime, and Walmart an the police department have set up themselves for a lawsuit.

I am not defending the guy, I am just pointing out how screwed up the laws are, with the new laws going in Texas and some newly implemented laws in GA, the only thing that a cop would have been able to do in this case is to follow him to make sure he doesn’t start shooting. Now cops can make shit up, like they did to arrest a guy that showed up armed at ATL airport, but the last thing I want to do is to legitimatize police making BS charges.


The fireman that arrested him could get prosecuted.

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He should. It’s not his fault that the NRA-purchased politicians have decided that it’s okey-dokey to walk around with an AR-15.

I find it great performance art.

Maybe people would start realizing how ridiculous our laws have become.


He should insist on a jury trial. He would get an acquittal and a medal.

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