MAGA State Republicans Are Helping Perpetuate Trump’s Non-Citizen Voting Lie - TPM – Talking Points Memo

The bad faith non-citizen voting bills being proposed by Republicans in state legislatures around the country serve to bolster the voter fraud myth Trump is poised to push if he loses in the fall — but the bills themselves may also disenfranchise actual eligible voters if passed.

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The cultist Liar-in-Chief demands that his cult followers perpetuate lies too. The march of fascism continues to gain speed.


Lie to yourselves long enough, Fools, and you will be more vulnerable than a puppy.


Never-ending money means never-ending gambits.


POSIWID: whether intended or not that is what such systems do, independently of the uncontrollable urge these ‘patriots’ have to kiss tyrant ass, their purpose is to gain power by suppressing voters.

I have a box kitty who’s ass they can kiss if they like; why wait to have face eaten, eh?


They’ve never let silly little things like truth, facts, evidence, reason, or objective reality get in their way before. Why would they start now?


MAGA State Republicans Are Helping Perpetuate Trump’s Non-Citizen Voting Lie

I’d be shocked if they weren’t. Abject fealty and repeating whatever Trump says at the moment is an absolute commandment in a cult of personality.


These bills, however, not only threaten to create a general sense of distrust in the election system, — they also threaten to potentially disenfranchise voters ahead of November by creating additional bureaucratic hurdles for eligible voters or by requiring election officials to rely on outdated voter data to determine citizenship.

This is exactly the intent with full knowledge of those who are pushing these bills. Certainly such folks should not be in any elected position, but since the MAGAts control the GOP, they are.


It seems a purrfectly acceptable replacement for the traditional leopard; although, I have my doubts about its limiting its efforts to faces.


There are a lot of famous sayings about lying but one I like is a lie leads a man from a cozy grove into the jungle. I think it is time we as progressives stopped thinking that lies can’t be fought but started fighting back against MAGA lies. The non-citizen voting lie is the easiest thing to fight. When somebody ways it ask in what state is it legal for a non-citizen to vote for President, Congressman or Senator. Keep asking it and ask for proof that it has happened a lot. Do it over and over again until they shut up. Tell them you aren’t going to vote for somebody who perpetuates a serious lie. Stay out of the jungle.


Where “bureaucratic hurdles” and “outdate voter data” led us in 2000:

The flawed purges of people with felony convictions from Florida’s voter rolls during the 2000 and 2004 elections are now well known. In 2000, thousands of legal voters were purged from Florida’s voter rolls. One list sent to Florida officials erroneously included the names of 8,000 Florida residents who had committed misdemeanors—not felonies—in Texas.

It’s déjà vu all over again except now we have 2000’s Bush v. Gore turbocharged with 2020’s The Elections Were Rigged:


Where “bureaucratic hurdles” and “outdate voter data” led us in 2000:

Um, New Hampshire.

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The only policy end point for this type of propaganda is an authoritarian US government that controls the outcome of elections to Republican wins, meaning a one party Federal government.

And our press will never point this out.

Edit: Just to elaborate, we are past motivating people to turn out for elections with this propaganda; it really serves to inculcate them to accepting authoritarian rule.


The proposed bill would require proof of citizenship in order to register to vote

At the same time, failure to prove citizenship to Republican’s satisfaction would also mean you are not eligible to pay taxes.

An Originalist dictum


The entire concept of citizenship is evil. All adult humans who live in America should have a say and how America is run.

To understand my argument, read Thomas Jefferson’s the declaration of Independence, and Thomas Paine’s common sense.


Lies are all republicans have and with a constituency of brainwashed morons that’s all they need.


Nonexistent problems are the easiest ones for politicians to address. Trump is leading the way on this. Meanwhile, real issues that people care about are ignored.


The problem with voting, generally, according to the Guardians Of Pussy-grabbers, is that people are allowed to vote for candidates not aligned with fascists.


Let 'em pass their bills.

The law is already on their side as no one not a citizen is allowed to vote. Plain and simple.

And almost all of the voter fraud has been committed by members and friends of the GQP.

I’m not impressed by any of this.


Modest proposal: we should pass a law saying that anyone who lives here for more than 3 years, lawfully or not, and is not an ambassador immediately becomes a citizen.

Edit: this is an issue that I’m extremely annoying about. Just don’t encourage me.