MA-Gov Candidate Blows Cash On Jousting Arena, Photo Booth, Mechanical Bull | Talking Points Memo

Meet Charlie Baker, the Michael Scott of the Massachusetts gubernatorial race.

Baker, the presumptive Republican candidate, is making up for his 10-point lag in the polls by outspending Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick by nearly 2 to 1, spending $2 million since August, according to the Boston Herald.He’s blown about a tenth of it on gimmicky parties: $1,000 for a mechanical bull rental, $4,000 on balloons and confetti, $1,500 for an American Gladiator-style jousting arena. He’s spent $196,000 on catering and room rentals for parties, almost $7,000 on lunches, $6,000 on a holiday party and $1,500 to have the New Black Eagle Jazz Band play at a fundraiser.

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