Lisa Page Warns Four Prosecutors Of ‘Agony You Are About To Endure’ After Roger Stone Fallout

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page knows a thing or two about being targeted by President Donald Trump.

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Stay strong, folks. You’ll have to endure the ravings of an unhinged petty tyrant.


trump is a straight up fascist. It’s time we all faced it.


I can’t decide if Cheetolini is a fascist-on-the-rocks, or just a divine-right-of-kings guy. I tend to think he is the latter, and appears to us to be a fascist because of who his butt-buddies are.

Kings always took care of their friends with the expectation that their friends would look out for them. Of course, being the King’s friend could be perilous. Just ask any number of people who were Henry VIII’s pals, starting with Thomas More. And so it appears with Cheetolini: he takes care of his friends, expecting they will have his back. If they turn out not to completely have his back (I’m looking at you Gordon Sondland), he exacts his pound of flesh.

Maybe Cheetolini appears to be a fascist because his pals are mostly fascists.


He’s going to impeach himself again isn’t he?’


Remember when Attorneys General would defend their department. Sort of like Secretaries of State used to defend their people.

One of these days working in the Trump DOJ is going to be the kiss of death for young lawyers seeking important jobs in national law firms or in the Federal judiciary. Too bad, so sad.


These are scary times.


I’m starting to wonder what would happen if, say, two thirds of the prosecutors at the DOJ were to suddenly resign. I’m also starting to wonder if we might soon find out.


Trump is an oligarch, modeling himself after Putin. His cronies are contacted by phone or in person at his Florida getaway. Going after his enemies using the power of the state. With me or against me. Exploding the norms of the office. GOP going along so they can enact their agenda. And liberals putzing around about how many angels can dance on a pin–in other words, useless twaddle.

All out in the open in front of us. This is an oligarch.


I consider him a fascist. But precise terms – fascist, king --are less important than the fact the he has no respect for the Constitution’s separation of powers and seeks absolute power. Tyrant and dictator also work.


Prediction: ttump will attack her first.


Most of those guys and gals have to make a living. Mortgages to pay, children to raise. Most will sit tight hoping for a change. We might see more subtle resistance within the department but I wouldn’t count on it. Most Germans weren’t Nazis but they sure did Hitler’s bidding with enthusiasm.


I waiting for and hopeful of hearing Nancy announce the start of another Impeachment Inquiry.


I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. We’re going to need them.


Totally accurate, but I am not sure there is much distinction between the elected GOP and the elected Democrats. Both are pretending they still have relevance. Neither is important to the situation on the ground. The real battle is moving out of Congress.


This is not going to end well.

Trump is traveling at an exponential rate on the highway to Hell … one that passes straight through “cancel-elections-ville” …
Oh, we have all said - nah, he can never go that far … but it is looking more & more like - for him to not get that far, he will have to be overtly stopped… we will not be able to count on some inherent systemic force to stop him for us … and we certainly cannot count on him suddenly having prudent perspective or restraint or benevolent patriotic vision.


You say po-tae-toe, I say po-tah-toe.


The GOP can’t even pretend to be the party of ‘law and order’ anymore. We have already turned into a banana republic with one set of laws for trump and the rich and another, more draconian set of laws for the rest of us.

Run for office. Register people to vote. Get to the polls. Let’s build our OWN big, bright blue wall around these crooks and grifters!

Dump trump. Ditch Moscow Mitch. Return the rule of LAWS to Amerika!


Which at this point in the election cycle would play right into the hands of The Dumpster and REPUG leadership.

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Yep…the Bloated Buffoon and his pet toady the AG have nothing but smear, insults and lies. They will mouth ‘rule of law’, the ‘courts’, and eventually go with patriotism or somesuch BS and INSIST DAMMIT that these FOUR prosecutors were ‘plants’ and all of the judicial system EXCEPT for Barr is corrupt and suspect. C’mon…even the GOPpers can see the comparisons in history…