Law Firm Of Attorney Involved In Trump’s Damning Call ‘Concerned’ By Her Participation

The law firm of Cleta Mitchell, the conservative lawyer who took part in President Donald Trump’s jaw-dropping phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Saturday, distanced itself from the attorney on Monday.

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As predicted this morning by @txlawyer:


I think Ms Mitchell might have a hard time remaining with the law firm. I imagine the managing partner group is going to be asking for an innocent explanation or her resignation. Dumb, dumb, dumb move on her part.


But are they Collins Concerned, or normal people concerned?


They need to fire her ass–she has brought disrepute to the firm. And this won’t be swept under the rug.

Since it’s not clear she even has lawyer-client privilege, I’m betting she gets to testify in court and in Congress about the call.

If I were Foley Lardner, I wouldn’t be happy to be associated with that.


ETTD :scream:


“We are aware of, and are concerned by, Ms. Mitchell’s participation…"

Goddamn! It’s bad enough we have to worry about the COVID-19 virus. Now we have to also worry about the COLLINS-21 virus, too?!


This is what needs to happen to more of these legal geniuses. Their firms need to clean house, and bar associations across the country need to start taking a close look at what their members are up to. There seems to be a lot of abuse of process, extortion, misprision of felonies, and subornation of perjury.

Even worse, some of these attorneys are working for free (whether they know it or not), which is certainly an abomination! :wink:

At a certain point, one transitions from “zealously representing my client’s interests” to “mob lawyer.” When do they become “co-conspirators” instead of “counsel?”



It’s very well known that ETTD, but up until shortly after November 3rd we didn’t factually know that the cancer on the body politic included sedition. Now we know. It is blatant. This is far beyond corruption.

I now imagine an Oprah-like personality walking into a large exposition hall filled with Trump supporters while calling out “Here’s a pink slip for you! And a pink slip for you! In fact, everybody gets a pink slip today! And, oh by the way, there are indictments all around, too! Have fun, everybody!”


But she has a portrait in front of a lot of books, so she’s clearly a professional.


I’ll bet those are just the graphic novel versions of the Supreme Court Reporter.


From 2007? Has anyone at the law firm seen her since then?


Mitchell also represented Senate GOP candidate Christine O’Donnell in 2010 when the candidate was accused of misusing more than $20,000 in campaign funds. Mitchell accused the watchdog organization that had brought filed the complaint against O’Donnell of being a “left-wing front group” funded by Democratic donor George Soros, a bogeyman among conservatives.

Mitchell went on to say that, “The accusations against Christine O’Donnell about the misuse of funds was just a witch hunt…”


In all fairness, I used to have the best lawyer in the world until he was disbarred, so maybe she’s not really so bad… my former doctor, he would still be my doctor except he’s no longer a doctor was great too, especially when it came to ease of getting prescriptions. I don’t see why the firm would mind. She’s working for The President after all. I got nuthin.


Maybe she got lost in the stacks?


Mitchell could be considered a co-conspirator in federal and state crimes.


Based on her clients’ demeanors, I thought she seemed like such a fine, upstanding paragon of justice…


Represented Christine O’Donnell?

Does this mean she is not a witch?

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What an excellent professional history…the NRA…Christine “I am not a Witch” O’Donnell…and now donnie.

Law firms must be clamoring for her services.


Man that is a huge law firm! About 140 people listed in the M last names. some retired but still holy shit

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