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The National Park Service will remove most of the tall fencing surrounding Lafayette Square by Wednesday, according to a Washington Post report on Tuesday.

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So is a section of the “Coop” going to the Smithsonian?



That’s a good idea, they could put it next to a section of the Berlin Wall.


Bunker Baby’s going to waddle around without his Baby Gate?


The National Park Service will remove most of the tall fencing surrounding Lafayette Square by Wednesday

Gee, I wonder why? :thinking:

The fencing has become a makeshift memorial paying tribute to George Floyd as protests in the wake of his death continue. Protesters plastered the fencing with posters, names and paintings of black people who died from police brutality.

Ahhh. Say no more.


Let freedom ring.

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Bonkers probably told them he couldn’t see out of the fence now that it was covered with paper from the protests. As this story evolves we’ll probably find out he ordered it because it looked tacky instead of like a proper fortification. The imbecile can never be pleased.


So, back in the bunker for baby dump???

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Seems like a complete and total victory for the protesters.


So when do the White House public tours resume again? I’ll wear a mask and socially distance. I want to see where Hamilton couldn’t get a place inside That Room…because he was half black and an immigrant.

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The Battle of Lafayette Park will be studied for decades as a tactical victory that turned into strategic defeat in a little over 24 hours.

And that there’s a full retreat back to the bunker just a week later shows how badly they miscalculated.

Tomorrow night’s protests in Lafayette Park should be interesting, I expect a full reoccupation by the protesters.


O/T ,looks like Fox is going to air the funeral. Expect incoming tweets from dump


The fencing has become a makeshift memorial paying tribute to George Floyd

So, obviously, it’s gotta go.

Meanwhile … in a bunker at Number One Observatory Circle susPence is enjoying his usual lunch of skim milk and mayonnaise tea sandwiches while senior aides plead with Google Maps to blur the image of his official residence.

“You did it for Cheney,” they argue.


Exactly. Once the fencing was co-opted it was clear that this, too, had not had the desired effect.


The Bowling Green Massacre has nothing on the Battle of Lafayette Park.


Full screen or box w/o sound in the lower corner?

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I wonder who it was that talked Trump out of digging a moat, and electrifying the fencing?


They will move the fencing back, or erect a new fence and then take down the ones around the park. I suspect the fence on the south end of the park will be continually cleared of any posters attached to it (or they won’t allow attachment from the start), because that fencing will clearly be visible from the White House.

This really is a victory for the rights of Americans, and justifiably so…the Trump administration clearly abused their power in the way they treated the protestors, all for a very questionable photo op. It’s important that it blew up in Trump’s face for all the right reasons, and it just may frame the election around him even more tightly than it likely already would be. The earlier that feelings are set about a candidate in an election cycle, the harder it is for that candidate to change them, and Trump has, by his own actions (and not advertising or smears), put in place the message about his presidency in the past couple weeks. We can only hope the damage really is lasting, because five months from now we really need to have president-elect Biden preparing to take office and everyone warily watching Trump to see how he tries to damage the nation on his way out the door.


I’m an astronomer and have friends who work, or have worked, at the Naval Observatory. It’s interesting how apolitical they try to be about dealing with the vice presidents…but, it was clear they liked Biden a lot more than Cheney (no word on Pence, I haven’t talked with them for a while).


tRump thought he’d look “tough” and “in command” and ended up looking like the simpering pathetic coward he actually is.

Sections of that fence should be left in place as a monument to his cowardice.