Kagan Laments America’s Dark History Of Voter Suppression In Dissent, Citing The Court As A Primary Antagonist

In a dissent to Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee stretching longer than Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion, Justice Elena Kagan recites the United State’s brutal history of suppressing minority voters, ultimately pointing to Thursday’s opinion as just the latest chapter in the quest to bar those voters from the ballot box.

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I’m just here to observe that it would be really great if Congress were to appropriate a whole bunch of money to bribe all nine justices into retirement. $10 million apiece probably gets everyone but Kagan and Justice Handmaid’s Tale off the bench.


The effect a law has is evidence of the effect it was intended to have.

This country needs to go to war with itself and just end the pussyfooting and dancing around it. Bring it on.

Also, fuck Joe Manchin.


Thomas’ very presence on this Court is the result of efforts of people he is descended from.



I am absolutely disgusted with this so called Supreme court. Never thought to see the day the repubs would throw away all our brave men and women fought for.


Why does TPM go along with the mainstream media and continue to call this a “liberal” versus “conservative” Supreme Court decision instead of what it is, an American versus Republican decision. In fact there is nothing conservative about this decision or the majority on the Supreme Court.

Rather, we have 6 members of the Supreme Court whose only consistent legal principles are what will help the Republican Party keep and hold power.


Jim Crow, Part 2.


“If a single statute represents the best of America biggest obstacle to a GOP America, it is the Voting Rights Act. It marries two great ideals: democracy and racial equality."


The GOP vector is exclusion, not inclusion

Like @sniffit sez…pussyfooting around.

That’s why the Nazi movies ( which come out often to remind us of what facsism is) are so effective.

We cloak the facsists in Business Suits and Robes, as opposed to JackBoots, Peaked Caps and Field Jackets.

Symbolic Interactionists are not just blowing smoke…we respond to symbols which shape people’s judgements


Quite a few of his Gullah predecessors volunteered to fight for the Union Army during the Civil War. Thomas undoubtedly would have told them that they were wrong because the only real way to achieve freedom and dignity was to persuade the slaveholders that they should not own slaves.


Touche! with the Gullah reference. Something must have happened to this man which made him the Way He Is.


It’s crystal clear that Kagan believes the law should be what the US Constitution allows and Alito believes the law should be what Republicans can get away with.


We see a weakening of democracy before our very eyes by the forces of voter suppression. Meanwhile, senators Sinema (who will lose her seat at the next election) and Manchin do nothing when the need is exigent.


And this is what got us here…


Bravo, Justice Kagan! One is reminded of:

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.” ― William Faulkner


Thomas’ pathology seems to arise from being an outsider who worked his ass off to fit in, then decided that was all that anybody else needed to do to overcome their own barriers. He drank the Ayn Rand kool-aid at some point too.


And Ginni Thomas is as pathological as her husband!


Remember when Ginni dialed up Anita Hill and left a voicemail demanding that she apologize to Clarence? Not the act of a sane woman.


It seems corporate interests, one dollar one vote, mean to continue a process of voting as a traditional public ritual, though there is to be one party rule with the outcome of voting determined in advance as it is in enlightened nations like North Korea, China, Russia, et. al.

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Sadly, this is where we are. We have to navigate the waters we are in, not the ones we wish we had. While it is ideal to provide mechanisms for those voters who find it hard for a variety of reasons to make it to the polls to vote (work, transportation, etc.) the powers that be are eliminating those mechanisms as we speak.

I’m not sure what the answer is but it seems to me that if we don’t want to erase the entire 20th century those voters need to understand what is at stake here and find a way to vote with the means they have available to them no matter what.