Judge Lets Arizona Audit Continue For Now But With Some Caveats | Talking Points Memo

A judge is letting the questionable audit of Arizona’s 2020 election continue while he hears a legal challenge brought by Democrats to its procedures. Judge Daniel Martin of Maricopa County’s superior court denied on Wednesday the request by the state Democratic Party that he impose a temporary restraining order halting the audit.

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A judge is letting the questionable audit of Arizona’s 2020 election continue while he hears a legal challenge brought by Democrats

I’ll say just one thing: Judge Martin deserves respect.


Anybody else get the impression the Republicans in the AZ legislature have been hoodwinked by a Cyber Ninja?
If one was a Democratic voter in Maricopa County could they join in on the law suits, and claim ballot is not being handled in a professional and secure manner?


This entire “audit” is a sham. The people conducting it have no idea what they are doing, and the chain of custody will be irrevocably broken.
It’s bullshit designed to reach a forgone conclusion. I can’t believe this stupid judge is allowing it to continue.

By the way, “Cyber Ninjas” is a one-man, fly-by-night company.


Creeping quickly to a point in which they cannot declare any integrity in the execution of the audit. It does come off as a scam in process. The scammers may being scammed. This could get complicated.

When given an opportunity to speak on those issues by the judge, the lawyer Jordan Wolff said merely that they “stood by the filings” that had been already submitted in the case.

Meanwhile, waiting for them to pull in M.E. Fowler to seal the deal on their case. It is a cinch…


Per Charles Pierce’s recent column,

" After the ballots were counted, they went to an inspection table with three people. There are many questions about what the workers there were doing and what they were looking for, but here is what we know about what each one was doing:"

"The first person lines up the ballot under a Canon camera hooked onto brackets."
“The second person lines up the ballot under a device that displays a portion of the ballot onto a computer screen. One of the images displayed on the screen is a filled-in bubble, and it is magnified and examined.”

“The third person holds the ballot inside a box set up on the table. The person takes a UV flashlight and shines it on particular areas of the ballot. As The Republic observed, the ballot was being examined on one side in particular, and the middle.”


It’s anyone’s guess as to what’s going on here. A “post-count inspection”?? And the deal with the “Cyber Ninjas” using black and blue pens while handling the ballots? One can hardly disavow that some chicanery is going on, beyond grossly inflating the bill to the State of Arizona.


In explaining why he was rejected the Democrats’ TRO request, Martin said that they “may” ultimately succeed in the litigation, but that they had not met the required threshold proving a “strong likelihood” of success.

Well given that the ultimate appeal goes to John Roberts and his merry band of GOP Toady Vote Suppressors, the likelihood of success is doubtful.


“Last week, another judge ordered that Cyber Ninjas submit its plans and procedures for review. Cyber Ninjas then asked that it be allowed to file those documents ex parte and under seal — meaning that neither the public nor the parties bringing the lawsuit would be able to see them…Senate Republicans meanwhile backed that request with a claim that the procedure documents were privileged under legislative immunity.”

GOP: “Public trust in election integrity demands the transparency of a recount!”

Also GOP: “Everything about that recount needs to be secret.”


For anything in particular, or just for acting like a normal judge?


He does a good job.

Many don’t.


Can we call it something other than an “audit”? It’s a political show in support of the big lie that Trump won the election. Nothing more.


You can’t prove that by his actions in this case. He’s behaving like a political hack.


Oh, so you think any of the Followers of the Great Trump will notice the contradiction?


I have no idea what AZ’s process is in regards to ballots. But here are the questions I think should be answered.

  1. Does AZ use paper only, electronic only, or both?
  2. Is there a paper trail with electronic voting?
  3. Paper ballots get scanned. So how hard is to write a program to scan the paper ballots, even if it’s designed to be used by a company that doesn’t supply AZ with the ballot scanners?
    No really, I’m not a computer person but by this time even if they were manually tallying the ballots they’d have to only go through 2 million cast ballots in Maricopa County. And my imperfect understanding is that they’re really only interested in the Presidential race, so that’s one thing they’re looking at on a ballot.
    And just for fun here is how the numbers were spread out over the ways one can vote in Maricopa County.

In the midst of a pandemic, more than 2 million, a historic 80.51% of Maricopa County voters, cast a ballot in the General Election, including a record-breaking 1.1 million voters who visited a Maricopa County Vote Center or Ballot Drop Box. The breakdown:

  • 993,000 returned an early ballot by mail
  • 1,109,000 voters used a Maricopa County Vote Center or Early Ballot Drop Box
  • 158,000 in person early voters
  • 51,000 in person emergency voting
  • 186,000 in person Election Day voter (includes provisional ballots)
  • 714,000 early ballot drop offs

Looking for evidence that the Dems printed up millions of fake ballots and snuck them in for Joe. I’m not even kidding.


Not even remotely.


And apparently missing deadlines is the norm in GOP lala land.


How do you figure this?

A judge is letting the questionable audit

Can we stop calling this an “audit”? This is not being done in any official capacity and those doing it have zero credentials or qualifications, unless you consider demonstrated partisan bias to be a positive. “Partisan fishing expedition” is a bit wordy, but far more accurate and does not mislead the casual reader.

I mean, given the documents I could declare myself to be auditing the donbald’s tax returns, and the correct response would be “who the hell are you and do you have any clue what you’re doing?”


Fucking deluded incompetent hacks.

Even the grifters.

Lincoln would shoot himself in the head if he saw what his party ha s become.