January 6 Committee Releases Its Final Report In Full – TPM – Talking Points Memo

The January 6 Committee released transcripts of interviews with key witnesses on Wednesday ahead of the release of its final report on Thursday. The document will be the culmination of more than one and a half years of investigative work into the causes and planning of the Capitol insurrection.

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Broken executive summary link?

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This appears to be the executive summary. At least, it’s the right number of pages. But I’m a bit shocked that a 150+ page report doesn’t have section titles and a table of contents. Also, download it now because I’ll bet the link goes 404 as soon as the House has a new Speaker.


Methinks that Fox News is going to have to settle…they knew it was a lie and they kept propagating it


I’m off to read it now.

By the way, I found this video very interesting and informative. “Ex-Trump insiders” talk about the criminal referrals:


I’m sure Dominion will be willing to settle. For the requested five* beeellion dollars.

*I don’t remember the exact requested damages, just that it’s over a billion dollars (US).


That’s quite a well supported paper. Amazing work. I love that they start with The Big Lie and go from there.


In other news, Zelenskyy is now at the Capitol. A dear colleague on Senate staff tells me that security is OVER the top. Lots of adrenaline rushes as they move him across campus but the Ukraine President is totally calm. I guess the Capitol is a safe haven. Puts things in perspective


I don’t. They go straight into primary source material without introducing what they’re talking about. WTF, don’t make the reader have to work to understand what you’re saying.


Aww c’mon, it’s only 150 pages. But I hear where you’re coming from.

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It is at the bottom of this link before the comments

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Just wondering, who was MTG’s lawyer, I remember hearing a lot of “I don’t recalls” in her testimony.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s lawyers say she has ‘no recollection’ of martial law text to Mark Meadows (yahoo.com)


Jeff Clark Atty Said ‘Lynch Mob’ Had Come For His Client

Oh, boo hoo! Cry me a river Jeffy.


Well, the FOX EXCUSE for every court case is that they are ENTERTAINMENT not NEWS.

I don’t see how that works here, though.


I dipped into the Roger Stone Transcript for a quick scan. The fun is in the lines of questions. There’s an awful lot of story behind the chorus of fifth amendment invocations.


I inadvertently fell into wingnutistan on twitter, various RMNJ’s replying to Ted Lieu about supporting Ukraine. Things I “learnt”:

  1. The invasion was started by Ukraine
  2. Zelinskyy is worth $850M per the Panama Papers - which don’t show that, and were released 3 years before he was elected
  3. Ted Lieu is personally banking money from the money sent to Ukraine
  4. It’s not worth spending US money in Ukraine - despite the fact that the Ukraine army has destroyed at a minimum 15% of the Russian tanks, and probably more like 40% of those that were in any way functional, and we’re destroying their military capability for at least 5 years for less than 10% of the US annual defense budget
  5. They also seem to have missed that the vast majority of the aid money is being spent in the US via the military industrial complex, as we’re shipping out older stocks of weaponry and the bulk of the spend is replenishing those stocks.

These people are orthogonal to reality


I Feel Like ‘A Jew In Germany’

Oh fuck right off you worthless piece of shit.


There are four things you can see from space: the Amazon River, the Himalayan mountains, the Great Wall of China, and Volodymir Zalensky’s balls.


I more generally view them as skew to reality. There’s simply no point where they intersect it and they most certainly aren’t going in the same direction.