Jan Brewer: Public Response To AZ Immigration Law Was Like ‘Waterboarding’ | Talking Points Memo

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) is spitting up venom after eating scorpions for breakfast.

Brewer’s arthropodically-titled new book, which hits stores Nov. 1, lashes out at the Obama administration over its opposition to her push for SB 1070, the state’s anti-immigration law critics said would lead to racial profiling. In the period leading up to the bill’s passage, Brewer writes, the flood of feedback from either side of the debate threatened to overwhelm her. The torrent was so strong that she explicitly compares the experience to waterboarding, the Arizona Republic reports.“Advice, objections, encouragement, discouragement, fan letters and death threats were coming at me so fast I could barely breathe,” Brewer reportedly writes in the introduction.

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