Jan 6 Gives Us Yet Another Reminder That We Need To Know How Corporations Spend Money In Politics

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It’s not about how much one company gives, but how many companies donate.

While we can, we need Congress to get corporate money out of our elections plus we need to shorten our election campaign period to no more than 120 days.

We can only return the power to people if we take the power back.

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Somewhat agree. The money part does not bother me so much as both sides of the transaction are able to keep it quiet. I say if you want to give your resources then within 24 hours you must own up to the funding. The recipient within 24 hours must also acknowledge the funds. Nothing is hidden, everything open and transparent. Then we as voters can determine if we agree or not.

The second part I agree 100000000%, elections should be very short, say 6 weeks to campaign before primaries, then another 6 weeks before the general election. Lastly, within a couple of weeks, the winners takes office, none of this 90 days later bull phucky.

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The "sedition caucus "…who would have even thought such a moniker would be true and accurate about a sizable portion of a major political party in America?

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Can we encourage activist shareholders to force questions about whom a corporation contributes to? This is effective isn’t it? An opportunity for additional socially conscious mutual funds (Greenwich, CT are you listening?) Would make shareholder meetings more interesting.

Biden and dedicated others can get democracy out of a jam, but he won’t always be able to do that?

Stopping giving money to fascists, White supremacist or others opposed to democracy after having given money and support for years is pathetically inadequate. Rather, if these corporations and others truly regret their actions or otherwise support democracy they should give support and money to the pro-democracy party regardless of the tax rates and regulations.

A.C. Thompson, the ProPublica reporter (frequent PBS Frontline producer) who broke the story of Bush/Cheney’s “extraordinary rendition” torture scheme has a new documentary. He connects the dots between Charlottesville, the insurrection, and extremist events in between, in the new PBS Frontline Insurrection. An eye-opener. It can be found here: