Iran Abandons Nuclear Deal In Response To Trump’s Assassination Of Military Leader

Iran announced on Sunday that it will no longer abide by any of the limits on its nuclear program that were imposed by the multinational Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), further increasing tensions with the U.S. after President Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani.

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Wow, who could have ever seen that coming…


Trump’s only chess move –

Tipping the table over.


Nuclear treaties are so 20th Century. T rumpp has nixed US agreement on lots of those treaties, lately. Only Democrats would enter into treaties that enhance nuclear security measures.


Making the world a safer place since 2017.



Just goes to show you what happens to the world order when the foremost superpower turns traitor, pulls the rug out from under every decent acting country, and is doing the bidding of criminal sub power.


Dicktaters shur do not like to have any restrictions. Go Trump!

So, what have we gained and lost here?


Iran pulls out of JCPOA, increasing the nuclear threat in the region.

We’re kicked out of Iraq in humiliating fashion, degrading our ability to fight ISIS.

We’re now at risk of repercussions at Iran’s choice of time and place, possibly on US soil.

Iran’s use of militias, terror squads, etc., will continue unabated, and, if anything, will become even more active.

Our allies are letting us know with their deafening silence, they are not with us. So another wedge thrown in.

Other second and third order consequences, perhaps not yet forseen.


We killed a real bad guy, perhaps uniquely talented and capable within Iran’s military.

I don’t believe there was a significant “imminent” threat involved, so until the Administration makes clear what exactly that threat was, I don’t believe them and won’t include that here.

On balance, I think it was a stupid decision, though I’m happy to revisit that conclusion as circumstances dictate. But knowing this Administration, things usually peak for them about an hour after a major action, then dissipates rapidly as the truth eventually outs.

Iran has a lot of cards to play. The only people who didn’t know that are Trump, Pence, Pompeo, and Esper.


Are you all tired of winning yet?


Remember those Sheldon Adelson paid for ads attacking the Iran Nuclear deal and claiming that a better deal could be attained? We’re sure this must be it,right? /sp


If the Iranian leadersip is satisfied with this move as the only kick back from the assassination of Suleimani, it will have shown more restraint than the Trump and his band of merry miscreants.


You aint seen nuthin yet.


Q: How does the Israeli Battle Hymn go?
A: Onward Christian Soldiers


Even if we assume there was a 9/11-style plan near fruition, and even if we accept the absurd claim that killing a member of top brass would halt that, it seems clear Trump has simply exchanged a non-nuclear threat for a nuclear one.

The fireman is pouring gas on the fire and bragging about the size of the hose.


Just a little noise; some white noise.


They’re satisfied with both. The IRGC and Quds in particular haven’t been on the same page as the Ayatollah, and wield an incredible amount of power there. Don’t forget that it was the IRGC which made the call to shoot down our Reaper and almost jump-start things, as well as the tanker harassment bits.

Given a chance to have a rival removed and be free of blame, of course the Ayatollah took the chance to have him taken out by us and greenlighted it, with this and possibly a reduction in the U.S. presence in Iraq as the trade.


Pretty Machiavellian, if this is the case.


Most who are not in tRumps GOP :slight_smile: They are all DOLTS

Nothing’s changed in the last century of western meddling in the middle east. Different factions ally with us at different times and in different ways to further their own interests. It’s totally in the playbook to have a mutually-satisfying outcome like this-- we get a good hit on a real problem for us, they get to clean house a bit and make some noise about death to America and whatnot, maybe shoot off a few rockets or the like, and then settle back down.

His replacement appears to be much more pliable for the regime, not a direct threat out running his own agenda, for example.


Note that there is a silver lining in how Iran wrote this…they are saying that if the US comes back to the terms of the treaty then they likely will also. And, they are still working with the IAEA, which they didn’t have to do. So, Iran understands that the treaty was good for them, and implies that the next US president can put things back if they want to.

The problem is that the genie will likely be out of the bottle by then. When the treaty was formed, estimates were that Iran was 6-12 months from creating a nuke, and it’s likely that is still true; they just need to spin up the centrifuges and create enough material, and then start design testing. So, we may see a nuclear Iran in 2020, and the Saudis will have to respond to that (remember how the Trump administration was trying to share nuclear information with them?). So, we may have a Middle East with several nuclear nations before the next president takes office in 2021 (and definitely in 2025), and with Israel right there and on a hair trigger things (all this helps Netanyahu win again) could get very dicey.

It’s really infuriating how we went from what Obama did, which almost had Iran normalizing its connection to the world (and likely giving up terrorism) to the total disaster we have now. Every day it seems like the world gets more dangerous due to Trump and the Republicans, and they are just fine with it.