Interior Secretary Tests Positive For COVID-19 | Talking Points Memo

Interior Department Secretary David Bernhardt is in quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus on Wednesday.

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The Post reported that following Bernhardt’s diagnosis, employees at Interior were also told that a large holiday party scheduled for Thursday had been cancelled.

What a pity. Will they still have the ceremonial coal fire in a dumpster or has that been cancelled also? Perhaps they can schedule the taking of Native American lands in Oklahoma to bring themselves a little joy of the season. :unamused:


You know, if you go set up your folding chair in the middle of four lanes of traffic, you should not be surprised if you eventually get hit. These maskless parties are the equivalent – not everyone will get hit, but mostly because other people are paying attention.

Leopards eating faces…what a shock.

ETA: The Swedes have finally understood that their approach was not the best idea…


So how many ways do we have to explain to people that the virus can be spread by people who show/feel no signs of the infection? At this point we need to detain all Trump maladministration employees in their place of work, seal them in, let the strong survive.


It’s like a Christmas Hoax…


the Interior Department would follow CDC guidelines, including identifying close contacts and cleaning work spaces amid the positive test result.

Perhaps they should have considered following CDC guidelines before they had any positive test results.


It’s all part of the Trump Delusion Tour.


Their stockings are stuffed with permits to despoil Alaskan waterways, clearcut national forests and mine uranium on southwestern public lands.
I suppose Donnie, at least, saw them as good ol’ boys and girls.


It’s not just the White House but practically every federal building in Washington that will need a deep cleaning come January 20.


Wait a minute wasn’t it settle this year or last that the area around Tulsa is really still Indian lands?


This needs to be done and filmed with a release to all the networks and cable channels to show that the new administration is not taking COVID lightly


That is complicated with the massacre of blacks in Tulsa, followed by the theft of their properties. They are still looking for the mass graves.


Actually, they appear to be detaining and applying the approach to themselves without outside assistance. Literally a stochastic death cult rolling dice with each new infection. We need to get the innocent away from them is more the issue.


Ironically, the only safe place might be Melania’s Rose Garden. I imagine no one goes there anymore.


It’s almost as if Trump cultists get COVID more often than sane Americans because they don’t bother using safeguards and we do.

Who knew?


Champ and Major will certainly enjoy romping there. They’re color-blind anyway.


Yes and no. It’s still private property, but the treaty that settled the tribal lands means that the tribes still retain criminal jurisdiction when the defendant is Native.


It is almost like it is their duty to catch the virus now that dear leader himself had it and defeated it with his bare hands.


Well, it’s one thing to be wrong, but Tegnell was allowing for massive die off in the elderly.

I was in Sweden until Feb 28. I cut my travel plans short. I was scheduled to go to Atlanta. :grimacing:


Yeah, that all just seemed too weird to be believed…
And ultimately the main lesson basically shown in Sweden was how the “honor system” and “personal responsibility” approach (which they were relying upon) doesn’t work. (Waving to Red State govs in the US…)

We left Germany for 3 weeks on the 21st of Feb, just as covid was starting to really break. Within a couple of days (during which we also got hit with a Saharan sandstorm called a calima, ugh), it was reported that an Italian doctor had shown up sick in a big hotel on the touristy side of Tenerife and the Spanish authorities locked down the hotel with about 1000 guests for a week, literally not even letting them out of their rooms for a number of days (we were on the “unfashionable” side of the island, in a free-standing old farmhouse in the middle of a banana and avocado plantation, nearest neighbor a quarter of a mile away). We flew out on 14 March, which was literally the day that Spain closed the borders down – we were worried about getting out safely. (And I haven’t been back to the office since then, except to pick up docs a couple of times.)

Here in Germany we are now in a tight lockdown after “lockdown lite” failed. We were so good at keeping numbers under control, that many people just figured they could keep on keeping on (plus we have our own RWNJs who want their unmasked “freedom” too…:smirk:). So when Merkel warned (and very heatedly for her) that we needed really strong restrictions going into winter, the governors of the various German states basically all pooh-poohed that and forced her into the “lite” compromise. Which failed. So here we are, record numbers. (Of course, still miles behind the US statistically…)

One theory is that here in Germany the success of the strategy through the first wave and through the summer made a number of people believe that, since everything went okay the last time it would again. IOW, we were a victim of early success.

Merkel, of course, did not come out and say, “told you so, dummies” when they finally accepted the strict lockdown, but you know she had to have been thinking it.