Inside Trump’s Chaotic Attempts To Overturn The 2020 Vote In Georgia

It was Nov. 5, 2020. Votes were still being counted in the presidential race, but it was looking increasingly grim for President Donald Trump. Mark Meadows, Trump’s White House chief of staff, had an idea to turn things around. 

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Getting tired of this old Meadows stuff. Who did MM work for again? Remind me…


Just outstanding reporting, folks. It can’t be said enough that this Republican Party is a bunch of unbridled and unmitigated gullibility, stupidity, larceny, and greed.


Georgia’s result was checked twice in recounts overseen by a Republican secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger.

Considering his, Gabe Sterling and Kemp’s history with Abrams, there was a small possibility that Raffensperger possibly loses this year. However, he was seen as a hero, soooooooo…


He worked for the Republican Party branch of The Trump Organization.


Schlapp did not respond to a request for comment.

He was too busy whispering into Kavanaugh’s ear at his Christmas party.


To say that what they were doing was a crime against the United States may be true, but it’s a very generic, anodyne, sterile statement that doesn’t at all capture the true horror of their intentions and actions.

What they were doing was stealing an election from me, you, pretty much everyone on TPM, and about 81 million other Americans whose express wishes were not only being ignored, but summarily dismissed. That’s what I find most infuriating. That not one of these jackasses thought for a second about the wishes of the majority in a country that prides herself on democracy. Instead, they focused their energies on “clever” manipulation of electoral laws and various desperate and despotic gambits to save their resident idiot. Thank God to no avail. Hopefully they pay a big price for this.


I was going through some old magazines today that needed to be tossed, But I found the Jan. 26, 2009 issue of Time magazine with Obama on the cover:

A new President and the burdens that await him
Great Expectations

I’m keeping that one.




The pedestrian, off-hand and blase descriptions of Trump and his various minions are unique and singular…One of a kind and never before occurring in American politics.

And–to me–repulsive

There is nothing

(1) pedestrian
(2) off-hand
(3) blase

about what Donald Trump and his allies were trying to do (and still plan to do):

Destroy Democracy in the United States of America


One word to describe ‘44’: resilient.

He was supposed to lose to Romney in '12 and McCain in '08, yet…


great post, please take the time to shorten and clarify and send it to the mainstream media outlets of your choice
The major networks need to know the public cares about this kind of cheating and corruption.


The most corrupt president in American history, but no matter. Meadows is obviously as innocent as a newborn baby, otherwise he’d be locked up in prison somewhere. There hasn’t been any evidence of any crime committed so far because if there were, Merrick Garland would have already put him away. He don’t put up with that shit.



I like the length, frankly. But if we cut to the chase, they were trying to overturn the will of 81,000,000 Americans who voted for Biden. He not only won the popular vote, as Hillary did, but he also won the Electoral College vote. But these scumbags decided that they would try to overturn both.

Only loathing and disgust for these ignorant, greedy, grifting republican scumbags who are trying to destroy this country’s democratic principles.


You know what’s cool?

TFG has been practically silent for days now.


Probably their obnoxiousness would have made their actions the same, but, looking at the sheer volume of anti-democratic shenanigans by House GOP Members of Congress in the weeks leading up to Joe Biden’s Inauguration, it is plain to me that these people were and are engaging in a counter-offensive to repel the derision and disgust they deserve at this point in time.


TFG and his party are still trying, unsuccessfully, to over turn the 2020 election. Democrats just need to keep voting, to keep grinding the GOP down until there is nothing left of them but a greasy residue. Also we need to keep laughing at them every chance we get.