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Ohio may have won its Supreme Court battle to implement its extreme “use it or lose it” voter purges. But the war over the purging process rages on.

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“every county has a different way of doing the purge and some of them might not be accurate.”

Feature not a bug.


Just checked out the Maine vs Ohio voter registration process. On Ohio you need to provide blood type and have a prostate exam before getting your green light. In Maine, you fill out a card, and provide proof of address. Why do republicans only think they can win if they cheat with the voters? Dumb question… I know.


The GOP theory is the less people that vote the greater their advantage. It seems that this theory has held up in recent years… let’s hope that 2020 puts then end to it.


So…Does the LWV need a big fundraiser to help them with outreach? I assume that people who are purged can reregister? Or has Ohio made reregistration difficult?


It is a “right” to vote … guaranteed in the constitution - possibly the most emphatically expressed “right” … yet these people who will take a murky and minimally detailed 2nd amendment and distort and perversly extrapolate it into a blank check for all weapons at all times for all people with no limits … these cynical bastards are hell bent upon crafting mountains of impediments - specifically configured to seriously impede and compromise the ability of those they oppose to exercise their clear and obvious “right”.


You think they have figured out that it’s Democratic voters who tend to sit out elections, especially midterms?


Franklin County — home to Cleveland

Franklin county is home to Columbus. Cleveland is in Cuyahoga county.


If all you get is one piece of mail regarding this, it would be easy to miss. Would the voter even know they’ve been purged so they could reregister? This is absolutely ridiculous, I thought this was America not bloody Russia.


If there is anything constant in this chaotic Trumpian Republican Regime, it is that they lie, cheat, and steal to win elections.

Lie about voter fraud
Cheat ala NC style
Steal emails then doxing them through foreign labor

Meanwhile, CONServative Trumpian SC justices green lights gerrymandering, as if we do not have to deal with voter suppression too!

One thing for sure, Trump/Republicans can never and should never be trusted to be in the government again!


This is why I was pondering raising money for LWV. Fighting this will require a lot of manpower…and or money.


Even in progressive (or liberal) Massachusetts, where I live, voters are removed from the rolls if they do not vote in a certain number of elections. “Purges” are needed for administrative reasons, because very few people who move out of a district or precinct bother to tell the election authorities that they are no longer eligible. And even fewer people who die bother to do so. The real issue is how the process is administered. Ohio’s does not seem unreasonable in the number of years or elections that are used to start the process. The single notification should be improved, however,

And Ohio Democrats, and those who like democracy, need to get out and beat the bushes to get people to register, and to prevent them from allowing themselves to be purged. Not so long ago, black voter participation was much lower than that of whites. Thanks to Barack Obama’s organization (and allies), that’s not true any longer. So the old saying applies: Don’t get mad, get even.


They’re much less likely to remove you from the roles for not voting if you vote. Yes, they have lost whatever belief in democracy they may have had, And yes, they are cheats. And yes, they will do their best to make it inconvenient to vote, but you just have to vote anyway. Vote them out, remove them from power. Make them go away and take their despicable election strategies with them.


This article is in error. Columbus is in Franklin County, Cleveland is in Cuyahoga County.

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If you leave a forwarding address with USPS when you move, after you register in the new location, some MA jurisdictions will send you a card letting you know that because you had registered in a different municipality you are being removed from their active rolls.


Even if you have a forwarding address many times the mail, especially non-1st class mail doesn’t follow you.


Also many people do not know that when you move you have to re-register. In order to have proof of address and ID for voting you need an ID with your new address on it. That ID usually requires a trip to the DMV and it costs money. The trip itself may cost money in either gas or in cab or Uber fares. Therefore these constitute a poll tax. And it is a tax that hits poor people and those who move frequently because of increased rent costs the hardest. In other countries voter registration is usually automatic and follows you as you move. If they can do that why can’t we? The answer is clearly because this is a Jim Crow holdover as a means of disenfranchising people. And it has the addrd advantage of forcing the Democrats to spend money to register voters — the most expensive means of growing your base.


You have to know you were purged and reregister well before the election.

To be eligible to vote in the next election in Ohio, you must be registered to vote at least 30 days before the election date.

You can register to vote through the county Board of Elections in person or by mail or online .


Why? Because they’re crooks, criminals, cheats that’s why. It’s the only way they know how to win, the only way they CAN win.


IIRC even if you move within the same district you have to re-register, because all your recorded addresses have to match.

And although I know people will laugh at this, I bet that the verification letter doesn’t include a postage-paid envelope or postcard for responding to the verification request (much less a web link or a toll-free number with a code to type in). So that means if you get the letter you have to find an envelope, find a stamp (how many people use those any more), address the damn thing and mail it. Which yeah, it’s not much, but it’s a cost in time and money that shouldn’t be imposed on the franchise.

Can you imagine if we treated falsely removing someone from voter rolls with the same intensity that republicans bring to supposed cases of in-person voting fraud?