In Originally Misspelled Tweet, Trump Goes After ‘Juaquin’ Castro

Taking a cue from conservative media, President Donald Trump tweeted out an insult to the Castro brothers Wednesday, though his initial and now-deleted tweet misspelled Joaquin as “Juaquin.”

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Alternate Headline: Hater-in-Chief Continues Mission of Hate


Isn’t DOXING (release of private information) the Republican’s favorite tool of destruction against their political enemies, perceived or otherwise? Remember those DNC emails? Remember Inciter-In-Chief asking Russia to steal/ hack HRC’s emails?

In Castro’s case, he released PUBLIC information, not private…it is most likely to shame the Inciter-In-Chief’s supporters because they are supporting death and destruction literally & figuratively.

In MoscowMitch & CONServative/Rs/MAGAts POV, releasing a public list of donors is tantamount to a hit list because it is what they would perceive if it was one of their own doing it!

Truth be told, CONServatives/Rs/MAGAts are PROJECTING their deadly and destructive behaviors to others and Inciter-In-Chief is the biggest Doxing Hypocrite in the swamp!

Doxing STOLEN/HACKED Data/Info is illegal.
Doxing PUBLIC Data/Info is NOT illegal.


The NYT produced a searchable list of all the donors to the Clinton Foundation. In 2008,was it? Never heard complaints from Republicans.

It was found that several of the Trump/GOP donors were also hedging their bets by donating to Castro. For many of these folks, its not about politics as much as access to decision makers.

Qui bono? Follow the money!


Trump does evil racist shit but doesn’t want to be seen as a racist.

Trump supports max out their support for Trump but don’t want to be seen as Trump supporters.

Got it.


So it’s not doxxing if the victim’s address was located in a public record? Bad take.

Trump tweets out list of private citizen donors to Crooked Hillary, including their names, employers, hometowns, and zip codes.

You’re fine with that.

Got it.


Donald Ttump misspelled another person’s name? Why is it news?

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The Chief Executive of this country sends out tweets resembling schoolyard taunts and we are OK with that? Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot.

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Who cares? He also spells Dayton T-O-L-E-D-O.


“Taking a cue from conservative media,”

That cue was also coming from willie Geist yesterday. One of the few times I actually turn on morning joe, and said super-charismatic news “reporter” is grilling and interrupting Castro, trying his damnedest to get him to admit to inciting violence.

I don’t have super high expectations for that show but I thought they were at least beyond that kind of both-sides, false equivalence bullshit.

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Current Occupant: “I see an unlikable twin brother with a hard to spell name on both sides.”

Yes, in 2008, after Obama was elected.

The Times obtained the list from Bill Clinton: he was the one who released it.


They certainly did complain, alleging that the list was incomplete!

Their enablers in the media joined in.

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I’ll have that whisky, you do the rest.


That’s right Donnie…with YOUR family of deplorables you really shouldn’t be tweeting about ‘lesser’ brothers etc. Or anything else. I am OLD enough to remember when the presidency MEANT something.