In Kentucky, Republicans Try Power Grab To Keep Senate Seats Red

A top Republican in the Kentucky Senate has proposed a bill to strip Governor Andy Beshear (D) of his powers to autonomously fill any vacancies in the state’s U.S. Senate seats. 

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Andy seems like a good guy, trying to do the right thing for all Kentuckians.

The repubs are such slime.


I’m really hoping this push is based on internal info on the rapidly failing health of both Yertle and the libertariantard.


Robert Stivers is as corrupt as it gets and an asshole to boot.
All the RWNJs in Frankfort are Christo-fascists.


There is also this.

It's beginning: A county Republican chairman in Kentucky is calling on Mitch McConnell to step down as Senate Minority Leader over his statement that Trump bears responsibility for the Capitol attack.

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) February 17, 2021

Rush’s demise has just made you giddy.


So if I read this correctly, Mitch is dying and won’t live much longer to complete his term in office.

There’s really no other way to read it. The old bastard never gives up power- but now that he feels the icy clutch…


Giddier, but yeah…


Not gonna happen.

The RPK already voted on censuring McConnell and it was overwhelmingly defeated. He quietly gets even with those who cross him in KY.


Here is hoping the hoping the rule of three applies…



That’s immediately what I thought. Mitch sees the end of the road, and is trying to make sure his seat is filled by a sympathetic toady. He knows he ain’t making it another 6 years.

Unfortunately, this seems likely to pass.


Oh he will never give up his power willingly that is not in question. That local party folks even entertained the idea of his stepping away from being the minority leader tells me they are clueless as to what his position does for Kentucky.


“I can see a reasonable argument for why a temporary replacement should be of the same party as the departing Senator, who the voters initially chose,” he told TPM.

“So, while it’s still a power grab, surely prompted by the desire to take away as much of Beshear’s powers as possible, it’s perhaps less concerning than it might initially appear,” he added.

No, no, it isn’t reasonable. The people also chose the governor and empowered him to make these decisions in the event that a senator departs. Also, these same assholes are considering impeaching Beshear too.


Context matters. Republicans are obliterating the power of the Executive in states where the Governor is a Democrat and the legislature is Republican. Places like Wisconsin and North Carolina. So that even when voters have expressed their desire for Democratic leadership on issues of concern, they are denied. Elections should matter as should an equal opportunity to govern for the winning party.

These are anti democratic shenanigans and shame on anyone who thinks it doesn’t matter.


Of course, Kentucky RethugliQanons are much more concerned with holding and exercising power than they are with solving the myriad, and in some cases catastrophic problems faced by Kentucky residents and the country. Screw them all.


This is just like all the voter ID proposed laws that Republicans in state legislatures have been trying over the years. The stupid thing is we can see them try this stupid shit in all these Republican controlled legislatures, and I don’t think that they needed ALEC for this, but I wonder who originated this scheme.

Oh plumber came, plumber went, and I have no water. :cry: I have to wait for it to warm up this weekend, because what’s the usual suspect was examined and found not to be the problem.


If Kentucky can elect a Democratic governor, shouldn’t they also be able to elect Democratic senators? Are there any potentially viable candidates?


Does Stivers know something the rest of us Kentuckians should know?


Speaking of the voters expressing their desire for or against something, for those of you who live in states where citizens can get measures on the ballot for voters to vote on how much of a winning margin do you need now to pass an amendment to the state constitution? Currently we can pass or by simple majority, they want to change that to 66%.


Sounds unconstitutional…John Robert’s will refuse to hear the case.

Slam dunk…Republicans rule!

It’ll stand under religious freedom and gun rights.

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