Impeachment Managers To Unveil New Video Footage Of Capitol Attack

The House impeachment managers plan to play never-before-seen video footage of the Capitol attack Wednesday, according to a senior aide to the team. The video, the aide said, would provide “new insight into both the extreme violence” and “the threat that it could have led to further violence and death.”

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The new video has been taken from Capitol security footage.

Deep state.


It’s impressive how the Hollywood libruls were able to create all that fake insurrection footage so quickly.


Donald J. Trump is on trial. The Republican Party is on trial. Our form of government is on trial.


A handful of the insurrectionists’ charging documents have included still shots from Capitol security cameras. It’s all but certain that the investigators are sitting on a mountain of such video.


Trump was finally forced to hire lawyers as stupid as he.


I’ve already had idiots on SM insist this was all staged by ANTIFA and BLM.

One nincompoop insisted there were a million people in DC on 6 January and 999,000 of them demonstrated peacefully. I told her I was watching live that day and that I can count and she was wrong. I didn’t hang around for the rebuttal.

The insurrectionist party sees nothing wrong with what happened that day and their only regret is that they DIDN’T go far enough. No ‘new’ footage will be enough to convince anyone not already on the side of conviction. It just won’t have any impact.

I appreciate the effort.

Let’s be honest. Everyone in that chamber was there the day it happened. They were all impacted. There are 48 of them that are willing to concede that it was no big deal and nothing more should be said about it - just another day at the office.


Great idea! I wish they would play these videos constantly. It won’t help with the dip shits in congress but it could make sure everyone has seen one of these at least a few times. No one can think that what happened is right. If any of the Rethugs had been harmed or killed, they’d be singing a different tune and if this had been a Dem president instigating this, well, I can’t imagine what we’d be going through now.


I’m pretty sure that if my dog was representing drumph before the senate and only licked his bottom side, R’s would still not vote to impeach.


I dunno about that.
I think the house managers decision to focus on the events in an experientially near way is wise: it may not sway the reactionaries in the Senate, but it may sway enough of the electorate to move the needle of public opinion enough to make a vote for exoneration electorally concerning without an equally strong counter from the defense. (ed.)
And no, I’m not concerned about relying on public opinion to sway the results of the trial: that is exactly what Donnie is doing by leaning on the threat from his supporters to keep his allies in line.


Eagerly anticipating their whining about this.


I’m sure you want have to wait long for the cries and snivels of, “Unfair!”
It’s well known that reality has a liberal bias.


What I find amazing is that the QAnon Shaman is actually getting organic meals after demanding them. So the SOB lost twenty pounds, BFD! If he refuses to eat what everyone else eats, that’s his choice. let him suffer the consequences.

Now he says he’s sorry…LOL!


Laissez-le manger du gâteau


Are crisis actors SAG members?


Is it OK if I start building Trump’s spirit coffin now?
It will take me no time.

That’s because it can only contain a soul.


Some of the footage shown yesterday was new to me. I can’t imagine what they will show today that manages to be worse than what we saw when yesterday’s left me literally shaking with rage. Also, I really don’t believe playing these videos is so much about convincing anyone in that room as much as it’s aimed at showing the American public what happened on that day. If they can make their case to a significant number of Americans, it won’t necessarily matter whether or not they get a conviction because Trump will be effectively barred from running again anyway and there may finally be consequences for his Senate enablers.


They should just keep showing these videos, there should be enough footage to fill the whole Prosecution time slot. Don’t forget the gallows and the zip ties.


Hopefully, the new videos focus on the GQP dirty dozen…