How Trump’s Attempt To Attack Biden Turned Into The Ukraine Scandal | Talking Points Memo

It’s been going on all year.

The revelation last night that a mysterious whistleblower complaint focused on a July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky shocked many, but also reveals a long-running story that has been playing out just beneath the surface of the news cycle over the past few months.

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And the thing is if they do bring down Joe Biden, then they will have to deal with an Elizabeth Warren with a democratic base enraged by the dirty dealing in Ukraine, but we all know that strategic thinking is not Trump’s forte (see Iran).


And with trumpp running his noise tube this morning on the tweeter, this is turning out to be a very interesting Friday.

eta; very nice story, very nice indeed.


“Giuliani moved from those connections to open discussions with Ukrainian prosecutors in January 2019 about criminally investigating the work of current Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden’s son…”

For all the talk of Biden as a terrible candidate, the GOP sure is panicking over his possible nomination.


tRUMPLibanis are all over the innertubes today doing their best to fluff their master and repeat his Squirrely efforts to deflect from his latest diaper full :poop:

Once again…just when we think he cannot get any worse…

well, he does.

Instead of letting his hourly reality :poop: show hold our attention we’ll be better served to put our energy into GOTV efforts for local, state and congressional candidates.


Sorry, been in a coma the last couple years. Anything interesting happen?


Kim Kardashian’s ballast has grown larger.


Not much. Larry King’s interviewing Ryan O’Neal and Robby Benson tonight.


The thing that I don’t get is the idea that Hunter Biden himself needs to be investigated. Burisma was already being investigated when Hunter joined the Board – and there is no reason to suspect that Hunter knew enough about the Ukrainian oil business to be involved in any corruption.

Nor does any dirt on Hunter translate into anything involving Joe Biden.

What I think Trump wants is the details of the pressure Biden places on Ukraine to fire the prosecutor.
By strategically releasing details of what happened, Trump can ‘create’ a scandal when there is none – and provide distractions when needed during the campaign.

As with the various “scandals” involving Hillary, it doesn’t matter that there is no scandal – what matters is that each individual leak – regardless of how innocent the information is – becomes newsworthy within a “scandal” context.


One thing is clear, Donnie two scoops goes with what he knows.

And that is how to act like a mobster, now on the world stage arena.


Color me partisan as hell, but I can’t see how trumpp doing patently illegal shit under the table is going to sink Biden. I’m not a Biden fan, but this is like shooting Superman with a squirt gun. I’m going to be interested to see what Elizabeth Warren has to say about all this.


I agree. I think that part of this is pretty crazy.


Walsh: If she doesn’t get us…extra flow from the engine room to offset the burn-through…this landing is gonna get pretty interesting.

CPT Reynolds: Define “interesting”.

Walsh: “Oh, God, we’re all gonna die?”

CPT Reynolds: This is the captain. We have a little problem…


This part is completely, undeniably, extraordinarily and utterly crazy! LOL


Yeah the beauty of it though is that it shines the spotlight backwards on 2016 and makes it clear he cheated his way into office originally.


You go back Jack, do it again…


His interview with Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers the other night was riveting.


Again, Biden should lay out in detail and on a time line everything the younger Biden was involved in and when.
Cut trump off at the knees


I think it’s important to recall that Biden and Hillary are equally hated by Putin. Remember this leaked tape between Hillary’s Assistant Sec of State Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, where they are discussing replacing Yanukovych? Biden’s name comes up as a backer of this plan.

So now Putin has more incentive to keep Trump in power.


You honestly believe that there is substance to the claims against Biden, who helped take down an extremely corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine–only because he was going to investigate son Hunter?

Or that Biden, whose net worth finally only recently reached one million dollars due to house price rises “stole millions from Ukraine and China” and is hiding his ill gotten gains offshore somewhere. Well I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, cheap.