How Obamacare Helped Define The Early Days Of TPM’s DC Reporting Operation | Talking Points Memo

TPM’s coverage of the Affordable Care Act is a through line that connects the beginning of the Obama era to the final weeks of the Trump presidency.

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I don’t remember when I first started reading TPM, but the Obamacare coverage is when I got addicted. TPM covered the story with in-depth policy expertise and news I could not get elsewhere. As someone who was following healthcare reform closely, I really appreciated the commitment to the nuances and policy details, as well as the politics. And I have always loved the expertise of the TPM readership and what everyone brings to this conversation.


Ah, the good ol’ days, when we wonked out on policy & our biggest worry was how to woo a couple of Blue Dogs with cornhusker treats.



I live in a place (Texas Rio Grande Valley) where there are few who are willing to talk intelligently about issues. (Most of my fellow old white males came out against Obama the minute they found out he was black). TPM has been a lifeline for me ever since the 2000 election. Even more relevant to me was the way TPM waded into the attempts of the second Bush term to underfund or defund SS. Thanks to the energy Josh brought to this fight, I had enough knowledge to go nose to nose with our congressman and our senators, both in writing and on the phone, even way down here at the end of the USA. After that, the Obamacare battle was fairly easy for me to follow and act on. P.S.: Tierney’s recount is awesome


I’m with you here in the RGV. TPM is a lifeline.

And yes, Tierney’s 6 minutes of video here is so awesome! Thanks for the video Tierney!

Sorry for all the posts, but Brian Butler also gives some incredible history here via video. TPM has been the second click in the morning upon waking. Thank you to the entire team over all these years.