How Much More Warning About Trump II Do You Need?

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Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping - WSJ (
Mike Johnson and Kevin McCarthy as the two on-the-record sources? C’mon, WSJ. Embarrassing. Getting pressure from the Murdochs after the scoop re the hush money payments that eventually led to Trump’s conviction?


Joe Biden Suddenly Leads Donald Trump in Multiple Battleground States (




I have to say I am pleased and a bit surprised to see the flag in this committee is still flying right side up …

Comment by Schiff was on target as well as very funny.


The Dems really really need to focus on what people really find important.

Healthcare, Social Security, and Medicare top the list.

Simply say, “Trump and the Republicans will take away your healthcare social security, and Medicare. They’ve promised to do that, over and over.”

These issues resonate above and beyond things such as threats to democracy, which many people will find nebulous and not credible…after all, they do get to vote.

This is the concept of people’s world view. Health and family are very important to everyone, regardless of party, except of course for the idiotic fringe.


Love me some Swalwell

‘Out of Order!’ Garland Hearing ERUPTS as Jim Jordan Tries to Stop Eric Swalwell’s Anti-Trump Rant (
Before anyone else on the other side saddles up and


Duration 5:41


‘Out of Order!’ Garland Hearing ERUPTS as Jim Jordan Tries to Stop Eric Swalwell’s Anti-Trump Rant

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) irked his colleague Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Tuesday as Jordan chaired a hearing with Attorney General Merrick Garland and Swalwell went well over his time and refused to end an anti-Trump rant.

Swalwell began his questioning of Garland with a jab at Jordan:

Before anyone else on the other side saddles up and gets on their high legal horses, I just want to remind the committee that the chairman is 754 days into his own subpoena defiance. Mr. Attorney General, last week, it was reported that House ethics panel subpoenas DOJ for Gaetz’s records. It was on May 14th, 2024. Political piece. I’d like to submit it to the record with unanimous consent.

Swalwell then moved onto Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who is leading the charge to get the DOJ to turn over the audio tapes of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s interview with President Joe Biden.

“I just want to get this straight. Mr. Gaetz wants the attorney general to reopen and publicize evidence from an investigation that a Donald Trump appointed prosecutor closed against President Biden, while at the same time, Mr. Gaetz himself is being protected by the same DOJ policy that is refusing to voluntarily turn over evidence from Mr. Gaetz’s sex trafficking investigation,” Swalwell said, adding:


TruMp is basiCALLY a meaT puPPEt that OBama speaKS through. He’s not SLiPPing. HE’s sliPPed!


I guess they figured that it works for the Russians…


JurorS Rigged. They were PlaYing this IN the jury ROOM!


Question? Has Donald Trump Jr. bought a gun in the last few years? Should he be charged in case he did.

On a day Hunter Biden’s wife was overheard at the courthouse calling a Trump ally a “Nazi piece of shit,” prosecutors began laying out their gun case against him.


Far-right conservatives are sowing misinformation that inaccurately characterizes IUDs, emergency contraception, even birth-control pills as causing abortions

This is really important. These far-right politicians are not fringe figures-they have majorities in several state legislatures.

After Dobbs, some commentators sneered at those of us who warned contraception was next on the list, saying it would be electoral suicide to attack it. I certainly hope it is electoral suicide, but the GoP is attacking contraception none the less.

We need to make sure this gets widespread attention


ETA. WSJ = Fake News?


MAGA TrEE SHOckEd truMP was found fake guilty by a jury of haters AND losers.


Matt Gaetz wants to defund the FBI. I wonder why?
Steve Bannon wants to defund the FBI. I wonder why?
The GOP wants to defund the FBI. I wonder why?
trump wants to defund the FBI. I wonder why?


How Much More Warning About Trump II Do You Still Need?

Bang that fucking drum every morning.


TODAY: Senate To Vote On Protecting Birth Control

Reuters reports:

A bill to safeguard access to contraceptives faces a U.S. Senate vote on Wednesday, part of a push by congressional Democrats to focus public attention on reproductive rights ahead of the November election but with little chance of passage.

The Right to Contraception Act, which would protect birth control access nationwide, is unlikely to meet the 60-vote threshold needed to pass in the chamber, where Democrats hold a narrow 51-49 majority.

House of Representatives Democrats said on Tuesday they would attempt a legislative maneuver to force a vote on the same bill the Senate is taking up, though they faced slim chance of success in the Republican-controlled chamber.

The campaign ads will be brutal, which is the entire point. Later today we’ll have a live stream of the vote if we get notice in time.


I got an alert about the WSJ piece last night. I read the first few paragraphs, noted the sourcing, and immediately wondered how much the Trump campaign paid Lachlan to push that story idea. For all the storied division between church and state at the WSJ, the Murdochs will find a way around it.


"Fascism is a religious concept." – Benito Mussolini


Reagan did the same thing with all the Iran hostages. But he was smart enough to do it on the sly. Iran/Contra, remember?