How Dozens of Trump’s Political Appointees Will Stay in Government After Biden Takes Over | Talking Points Memo

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Swamping the drain.


The most important thing is that the big bad wolf will be gone


We have a loophole that should be shut. Perhaps appointments to protected civil servant jobs should expire — and salaries terminated — at end of term if those positions had not been filled per civil service protocols.

Ah, I see the power of Executive Orders being wielded if at all possible.


The DoucheState

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These people do not belong in government. I don’t care how you do it, but get them out, they are cancerous tapeworms who need to learn compassion and empathy and especially humility, which all oathbreaking trumpers do not have.


If a political appointee turns out to be really good, then it makes sense to have a path that can bring them into the government. But, that path has to be free of political influence in the hiring process (i.e. civil servants should be doing the hiring, overseen by lots of care), and the employee has to be coming in because of their competence and not as a roadblock to the other party’s incoming administration.

These folks don’t sound like the competent people you’d want, they sound like roadblocks. If Trump and the Republicans try firing huge numbers of people and installing their own across the government in the next few weeks, Biden will have no choice but to fire all of them, and rightly so.


Well, it is always possible, at the convenience of the Government, to transfer civil service employees to other work locations, such as northern Alaska or the Ozarks. For the foot of the order.


All the upcoming Biden administration needs to do is transfer the Trumpers to regional offices in Minot North Dakota or Amarillo Texas and put them in charge of . . . nothing.


It could be a seasonal swing, just not the way the would want it to be.


If the Biden admin were not aware of these fungi, they are now.

President Biden will be running the joint along with his Vice Kamala Harris. He and he alone will set policy and his Political appointments will carry it out. And unlike Don the Con NONE of his orders will be Unconstitutional or violate Federal Law.

After 4 years of Foxes in hen houses we will have the Head of Treasury that understands his job is to help maintain the economy and not sabotage it. The head of the EPA will protect the Environment and not allow the Energy Companies to destroy it in the name of short term profits. The head of the CFPB will actually protect the Consumer and not the Corporations that cheat them.

These are only a few examples, but they are a reminder that there is a new Sheriff in Town. These moles will either have to prove they can do their jobs in accordance with the law or they can either resign or be fired for insubordination.


Who caes! This is done (as the piece indicated) before every transition.

Simple solution…if they are counter-productive, fire their asses and let them sue for wrongful termination. Then bankrupt them with legal fees.

Come on, people, There are larger fish to fry.

If I were a cruel person, I would expect all of these moles (because that’s what they are) to be removed forcibly from their positions, lined up against a wall, and shot.

But I’m not, so just forcibly removing them from these positions and making sure they can never hold a position in government again would be the best we can hope for.

OT- Putin’s lapdog is endangering the life of an Afghan military hero.

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Well, these are Trumpp appointments. Look for false statements in resumes/applications.

Though I don’t really know what the regs/procedures are for dealing with substantive falsehoods discovered after hire.

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This is just another step to fulfill Grover Norquist’s dream of destroying government.

Happens with every administration. If I recall correctly Obama had a couple of issues with holdover appointees.

Maybe…time will tell.