How An Anonymous Democratic Poll Became A Trump Talking Point

An unsourced poll purportedly circulating among “top Democrats” and used to bash the party’s left flank in a highly controversial article last week has quickly morphed into Trump campaign fodder.

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Russians have taught Trump well.


Any port in the storm. Any straw they can grasp.


Similarly unethical and dishonest are self-described “Dem” pundits who warn Dems not to move too “far left” left they alienate those NON-EXISTENT centrist swing voters who are open to voting for Dems but only so long as they promote center-right policies and absolutely oppose impeachment, and claim that Trump has a very good chance of winning reelection because “Dems are in disarray” (meaning they’re not in lockstep promoting center-right policies and dare criticize bad policies or oppose leadership).

These people are either massively stupid, or, far more likely, they’re either dishonest self-promoters looking to get a slice of the shrinking neoliberal Dem political strategist spending pool, a la Mark Penn, or GOP concern troll shills looking to discourage Dems and Dem voters and rally GOP voters. I LOATH such types, as should any real, thinking Dem. They are not being honest and they are not on our side.


When will Dems stop letting the door open in their heads that let the lying rePuelicans/Fascist in? We let them in and we lose.

The MSM will lash us all to the mast of course: Always looking for the new Hilary email story/ how will Dems “pay for it”, and Dems in disarray.


Maybe this is the poll that the Illinois GOP read before they posted their “Jihad Squad” graphic on their website that has them shitting in their pants now because of all the outrage against it.


People pretend to have even a lower favorable opinion of Nazism & Fascism, and yet they voted one Mussolini wannabee to the white house and many others to congress.


I’d say they also taught Pelosi and the Blue Dogs well.

Remember, this started with a “leak” to Axios that was essentially disinformation designed to discredit The Squad and its efforts. The fact that Trump picked up on it is far less significant than the way that the campaign these “insiders” are waging against these women.

ETA: on edit. Nothing in the original article implicates Pelosi directly or indirectly. I should not have invoked her in this instance.



Ooooh, scary! Almost as scary as “Dr. Tongue’s 3D House of Pancakes”!



O/T anybody know Muller’s schedule for testimony Wed.?
Cspan says 8 AM and 8 PM Is this correct?

Thank the Sweet Lord Baby Jesus that we don’t have those socialist programs in America like Social Security and Medicare, because I think people who are 75 years old should be working at WalMart so they can pull themselves up by their own cat food.


Don’t surgar-coat it. Tell us how you REALLY FEEL Comrade.


I was in a discussion last evening with a group of vacationing fire fighters who are this demographic. They are convinced Trump is going to win. The don’t like Trump, but don’t think the Democrats have a candidate who talks to them.

When are Democrats going to realize we are viewed as opposing whites with less than two years college. We need a message that talks to all Americans.

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I’ll bet the “Never Trumpers” love that poll because, after all, they know what’s good for the Democratic Party and are so free with their advice to us.


That’s what I hear as well. Pretty much everyone who hates Trump, or thinks he a criminal, racist, etc. were always going to vote for the Democratic candidate anyhow. In two years I don’t think any minds have changed. Turnout is all that matters more so than ever.

PS: When people say “the Democrats don’t have a candidate who talks to them” they are basically admitting to be a party line GOP voter that likes to think of themselves as a moderate or independent.


Agreed. It is disheartening that the leadership seems to think that the left will show up and vote for Democrats regardless of how many times leadership gives them the finger.


Funny you should mention Walmart, a few weeks ago there was a story about an older gentleman that worked at Walmart for several years as a greeter, he was in scooter, and everyone loved him. Now he is being let go.
As for you cat food comment sometime back in 70s (?) when I was a child I remember watching a news program (probably 60 Minutes) on the elderly, their SS, and how hard it was for some of them to get by. I remember one of the people saying that they bought canned cat food because that is what they could afford to eat when their SS check wouldn’t help cover food for the full month. It has always stuck with me.:cry:


I think leadership is just rolling the dice that hatred of Trump will be energizing enough and they don’t want to risk alienating anyone (like donors) with a message too far to the left. Its pretty much the same strategy every election, but this time Trump’s really as bad as he’s being portrayed as.

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from the original axios piece…

The poll — taken in May, before Speaker Pelosi’s latest run-in with AOC and the three other liberal House freshmen known as “The Squad” — included 1,003 likely general-election voters who are white and have two years or less of college education.

What I find interesting is the size of the sample — considering the fact that the vast majority of national polls sample fewer than 2000 people, (and a very significant minority sample fewer than 1000), the size of this relatively small cohort is notable.

Moreover, the survey was done back in May.

So some bigwigs in the Democratic party were commissioning polls that targetted those voters most likely to be “deplorables”, and asked questions about AOC and “socialism”. Its abundantly clear that this was an agenda-driven poll – and it looks a lot like “dog whistle politics”.

The people responsible for it should be held accountable by the Party itself.


That’s called losing. See 2004, 2016.

See above.