How A Serbian Scientist Helped Inspire Jan. 6

Days after the November 2020 election, the Oath Keepers were preparing.

The group’s leader Stewart Rhodes had been warning of conflicts around the election — including a potential “civil war” — for months. But by Nov. 7, the day major news networks called the election for Biden, prosecutors allege, Rhodes had a plan.

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Biden and Milošević: Separated at Birth?

I can’t believe I had not noticed the obvious similarities before!


Next time a Trumpist, and through their submission that describes nearly all Republicans, wins a Presidential election, I genuinely fear it may be out last. They have sunk that low; the cult follows; and too many still see this all as mere politics.

It wasn’t a few bad apples. The entire orchard has gone rancid.


Whereas we might get tears in our eyes at a heart-breaking song, or an emotional scene in a series, these dead-heads get inspiration from the worst that humanity has to offer.

The both-siderism shit has to stop. They are not like us. And they are not like the Founding Fathers, either.


Serbian huh? You heard it here first. This all ties back to that tennis guy.


“The video, uploaded on Nov. 6, 2020 when Savic was still living in Europe”

This asshole’s contention that his video had nothing to do with the U.S. election is farcical. Given the close cultural ties between Serbia and Russia, I wouldn’t trust this guy any farther than I could throw Trump.


You are known by the company you keep: Milosevic, Rhodes, et alia. Savic is blowing smoke and lying like all neofascists do. “…Reflecting my ethnic tradition of speaking orally” means he believes in violence (something the lowly thugs do) and ethnic cleansing (ditto), while he claims no more than esoteric philosophizing; "…We are not very literal people [when] we are speaking our stories. What a duplicitous tool.


I don’t agree that Savic or his countrymen are “the worst.” They were rising up against a despot, a corrupt regime and a rigged election. I question his political judgment and leanings today, however, as well as his analytic skills. He should not have been so quick to propose such an historically and factually false analogy.


He was seeking to overthrow Milosevic (maybe – he was 14). Rightfully I might add. Hardly keeping company with him.

  1. That kid looks too young to have participated in the October 2000 student-led overthrow of Milošević. Ergo, I doubt he knows anything about Otpor!, especially its members, philosophy, or goals.
  2. Meanwhile, the full title of the the news website MintPress article you referenced is “How a US-Backed Coup in Serbia Inspired the DC Insurrection”.
  3. Its “editorial mission” also includes blaming Syria’s Sarin attacks on the rebels themselves, praising Assad’s leadership, and giving space to the usual “US Imperialism Is Always Worse Than This Year’s Crop of Brutal Dictators” crowd.

So I too wonder if there’s anything more to the connection between MintPress, Mr. Savic, and Serbia’s Fraternal Ally?


That dude needs to be arrested and deported for advocating the violent and unlawful overthrow of the US government.


He would have been 14. It’s possible but I’m skeptical.


That’s the kindest you could be. He sounds like an incel-type piece of work. Other hint: by the time he was in high school or college, socialism was long in the past for Serbia (except for the kind of social-support spending that rightwing loons call “socialism”). My bet is that if – if – he was getting straight As and other students not getting the same letter were getting jobs and other stuff that he wanted, it wasn’t because of some equal-outcome fetish, but rather because no one liked a self-styled smartest guy in the room. And then he was about to make it big, but…

I wonder what his connections to the serbian right look like.


In the end this fool is tarnishing his own courageous democratic struggle (if at 14 he was really there) by offering it as inspiration to the vilest anti-democratic thugs he could find, in service of a would-be Slobbo (h/t UK tabloids). I’m with the learned Lone Star attorney: deport his ass.


Agreed. He seems to have been gravitating to whatever dating pool would be most impressed by him.




In the Mint Press article, Savic is quoted as admitting he was too young to take active part in the revolution beyond tearing down posters.

There’s no doubt that the U.S. played an important role in the uprising against Milošević—it was an open goal of the Clinton Administration to get him to step down. Whether all the details in the article are accurate I can’t say.

As for Savic, he’s also a COVID denialist: "One post describes the COVID19 pandemic as a “scam used to hurt the economy” and says “masks are the most stupid thing ever invented.”

His “grave concern about a socialist takeover of the country” demonstrates a profound and warped ignorance about socialism, our political parties, and system of government, and is very in keeping with the anti-socialist paranoia of Cuban emigrés from the early '60s.

His current assertion that his video had nothing to do with Jan. 6 is belied by own statement:

"In an emailed correspondence with MintPress , Savic said he reached out to the Oath Keepers after stumbling onto their Youtube video.“The name of the organization sounded cool. Their program and goals were traditionalists and I just asked if I can be useful,”

Savic is a right-wing clown, and he actively sought to aid the Jan. 6 fascists hoping to overturn the election.


Savic is so full of shit his eyes must be brown.


Hear hear…


This kid is delusional. He are some of the facts:

And the opposition received the support and advice from the USA: