How A Last-Minute Appeals Court Order Has Injected Mass Voter Chaos Into A Swing State | Talking Points Memo

A Thursday court order that indicated a U.S. appeals court was likely to reject ballots that arrived within Minnesota’s post-election grace period has injected chaos and a potential for major disenfranchisement into a state that President Trump has long been trying to flip.

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GOP and its war on truth and reality continues.

"It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting.

Tom Stoppard (1937 - )"

I thought it baffling that the SoS decided to segregate the ballots arriving after election day and then not count them just in case there’s a Supreme Court challenge (which there surely will be).

A smarter protocol would be to count them until they were ordered to stop. You know, as if that was what was printed on the ballots.


That message has been broadcast far and wide to voters, including in pamphlets they received with their mail ballots.

IANAL, but…


We are seeing the coup in progress. Republicans have been furiously packing the courts with partisan hacks and coordinating social media campaigns with the Russians. We can now see the results of their nationwide, state-by-state assault on voting - the longer-term voter ID crap, but also the spate of republican lawsuits to disqualify ballots. They finally have a bullet-proof majority on the SC and they’re not about to let this opportunity slip by. It’s been their wet dream for decades.
And it all goes away the instant Joe Biden wins the Presidency and Democrats take back the Senate. They cannot let that happen. They will no let that happen. Count on it. It’s gonna get ugly.


They know they are going to lose, so why not cheat? There will come a day of reckoning for all of this chicanery.


I hope you are right. And I hope it comes soon.


In 4 days will it be the end of the madness or the start ?


Ugly = Bloody (I fear)


It is no longer a slow-motion coup; it is now rocketing down greased rails into an unprotected terminal. We are not only NOT a nation of laws anymore…we are rapidly approaching destruction as a nation…


TOUCHE ! Sadly.

OT. But just another WTF story that shows how important it is for moral, thinking, caring people to get back in control.


I would go with WTAF.


The Roberts conservative-majority is now as dysfunctional as their Senate and Trump White House counterparts. Just look at Kavanaugh’s first written decision…which he had to immediately “tweek” rewrite because it didn’t make any sense legally or grammatically.

Republicans are dazed and confused. They can’t live up to their own hype and know it. They are incompetent. And they are making a mockery of our government and nation around the world.

They don’t know how to do anything but cheat. They have become so wrapped up in their own loony schemes that they don’t think anyone else can see what they are up to any longer.

And they don’t care if we do. It’s all about them holding onto power which they don’t know how to use for the common good. It’s never been about how many people are dying from this pandemic, how many die from police brutality or how many lose their right to have their ballot cast and counted.


These last few days and months in a nutshell

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I’m surprised they aren’t sueing Breonna’s estate because they suffered emotional damage when she carelessly put her body in the path of their bullets.


Cheat and let slip the dogs of war (Bugaloo Boys, et al.).

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“Wounded in the line of duty” is usually cause for a commendation, not a frivolous lawsuit. As Walker’s lawyer said, if you can be sued for self defense, a lot of people are going to be screwed.


It was a common practice in Nazi Germany. When a Jew accidentally left blood in the trucks taking them to the railway cattle cars, the SS officers would sue the bastards for defying the will and sensibilities of the Third Reich. Legally take away all their property and pocket the change for themselves.

Republicans now call the practice exercising their Religious Liberty/Freedom. And the Roberts Supreme Court concurs.


So if am remembering the analysis of the latest SC rulings is that it is up to the state’s legislatures to fix or amend that state’s election laws? So in this case where there is a consent decree from state court litigation, but not enshrined in the state’s election law the consent decree’s fix is not legal?
This just seem so fucking contradicting, and desperate. And why is the Eighth Circuit getting involved when the SC’s latest is saying states need to control elections in their state? :exploding_head: