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The House of Representatives will file a petition to access the grand jury materials collected during the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller, House Judiciary Committee chair Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) announced on Friday.

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“We will proceed when we have what we need to proceed,” Pelosi said. “Not one day sooner.”

Which is exactly why she is deliberately and strategically slow-walking everything. She hopes never to proceed. Here is the Mueller Report Timeline to-date:

March 23: Mueller Report Issued

March 25: Nadler writes letter requesting report by April 2

March 29: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report

March 29: Nadler says April 2 still stands

April 2: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report

April 3: The House Judiciary Committee votes to authorize subpoena for report

April 3: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report

April 18: Nadler issues subpoena for report to be delivered May 1

April 29: Nadler targets May 15 for Mueller to testify

May 1: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report and misses subpoena deadline

May 3: Nadler sends a “counter-offer” letter with May 6 deadline

May 6: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report

May 6: House Judiciary Committee schedules vote to hold Barr in contempt on May 8

May 6: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report; DOJ Invites Nadler To “Negotiation”

May 7: Trump and Barr declare Report covered by Executive Privilege

May 8: House Judiciary votes to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt

May 9: Pelosi refuses to schedule full House vote on Contempt motion

May 9: Barr Jokes About ‘Record’ Contempt Vote in speech at DOJ

May 10: Nadler says Mueller will not appear on May 15

May 11: Nadler sends an “offer to compromise” letter to Barr

May 15: Barr jokes with Pelosi: 'Did you bring your handcuffs?'

May 17: Nadler delays Muller testimony until June

May 22: Still no House vote scheduled on Contempt motion

May 23: Nadler says Muller wants to testify “privately”

May 28: Mueller resigns. Pelosi still has not scheduled vote on Barr Contempt Motion

May 31: Nadler said that he still wants Mueller to testify

June 3: House vote Scheduled June 11 for on Barr Contempt Motion

June 4: Hoyer reports Nadler is talking to Mueller

June 4: Barr requests to re-open Mueller Report talks if Contempt Motion vote is stayed

June 6: Nadler says could issue a subpoena to Mueller within two weeks

June 10: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report; Nadler agrees to see what Barr deems “most important”

June 11: The House authorizes the Judiciary Committee to “initiate civil litigation”

June 25: Mueller agrees to testify in public on July 17.

July 12: Congress still has not seen un-redacted Muller Report

July 12: Mueller testimony delayed by at least a week.

July 23: 4 months since Mueller Report was released

July 24: Mueller testifies. Congress still has not seen un-redacted Muller Report

July 26: Nadler announces House Judiciary is filing for Grand Jury info from Mueller Report


[“Because Department of Justice policies will not allow prosecution of a sitting president, the United States House of Representatives is the only institution of the federal government that can now hold President Trump accountable for these actions,” Nadler intoned.]

“Intoned” it is.

And it’s the right word. That’s why he said “The United States House of Representatives” instead of “The House”.


I’ve been pretty grumpy about TPM reporting lately, but this is a really nice piece. It should be the lead on the banner instead of the Pelosi-AOC drivel.










Nevertheless, they get the job done.



It seems the Democratic take-away from yesterday was different than some in the press.

Democrats in the House seem more emboldened and more are moving to the “impeach inquiry” column, so may be they do not see Mueller’s testimony as such a disaster.


Good on U, Gerry!

No retreat, baby,
no surrender.
- Springsteen


Looks like we have a formal impeachment inquiry. Nadler won the day b/c if you’re serious about getting the information, you need to go into court with your best arguments. Impeachment is that argument.

Thanks to Nadler and the HJC for persuading Speaker Pelosi as to necessity and as to timing. Thanks to Speaker Pelosi for listening and changing her position.


You are absolutely right. The Dems did NOT look at the Mueller Hearing as anything near a disaster.

Chuck Todd did.

And his look-alikes all over the air and in print.

There were Poles in the RAF. What if THEY were listening to people like Todd when Poland fell? If there is ANYONE I would send to a totalitarian country for 5 years it would be him.

On a $200.00/month salary


Past time to get serious and show some urgency.

Let’s do this … now.

ETA: Time remaining before Trump complains about Presidential Harassment and that Dems want a do-over of the Witch Hunt Russian hoax …

9 … 8 … 7 …


Bingo. The MSM were their usual clueless self. Mueller didn’t help Trump - he greatly damaged Trump. The Dems got that right away. Schiff pulled out so much out of Mueller that we can assume a video production company or two are taking Mueller’s testimony and slicing-and-dicing 30 and 60 second spots, which the Dems will use next fall.


I myself have wondered if some journalists would act very differently in their professional capacity if they had ever lived under an authoritarian regime.


This is a wise move. Make every effort to get all relevant information. Then, if such efforts fail, they can say that impeachment is the only recourse to get at it. Patience, young Padawans.


Because it isn’t. That’s the narrative of the media and the drumbeat of the administration.

But it isn’t.


There is nothing like the feeling of coming home. To America… after having lived in/visited for a protracted time in a regime-based country.

At least that was the case before Jan, 2017.

The Trumpers are literally willing to make the U.S.A. into a totalitarian country.

The only reason I can wrap my head around this is because it Is objective reality.


The “I” word is the cable media looking for their next TV show. Surely the director requires that reporters and hosts mention impeachment every five minutes. With Congress leaving town all they have left are these silly debates where the candidates try to tear each other down. Thank goodness for baseball.


I’ve heard Upchuck Toady’s official new title is “Meat the Flesh Chief Optics Officer.”


Dems had the takeaway that Rachel Maddow had. This hearing was far more clarifying and Mueller far more forthcoming than expected. He not only confirmed that Trump is a crook per the evidence in Vol 2, he also went much further to ‘unmuddy’ or clarify the import of the collusion in Vol 1. Adam Schiff drew out the story of collusion as one of ‘disloyalty, greed and lies’. That captures Trump to a tee. It’s the story that a lot of us have been taking about for years now, but there were no indictments to back it up. After the hearing, Schiff and Mueller proved to the public that the collusion is a clear and present danger to the nation.


Scourging Trump at a slow walk to electoral humiliation November 2020 and multiple count indictment February 2021.