House Subpoenas Owner Of 8chan Site To Probe Online Extremism

The House Committee on Homeland Security on Wednesday subpoenaed Jim Watkins, the owner of 8chan, the website where the suspected El Paso shooter allegedly posted a hateful anti-Hispanic manifesto.

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All these Uber-patriotic first-amendment-loving americans who just happen to reside outside the US. Coincidence, I’m sure.



“Surprise, surprise, surprise.”
— Gomer Pyle, 1962

For those keeping score …
By the numbers: Those invoking Bush (8 yrs.) = 0; Obama (8 yrs.) = 0


If they are going to wade into 8chan, I hope they have all their shots up to date.


Depends. Does the Country they are residing in have an extradition treaty with the US?

Although extradition can be a sensitive subject especially on the issue of sovereignty, there are provisions that govern the extradition process, such as the definition of what constitutes extraditable offenses, and extraterritorial offenses.

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OT, or more of the same?

Anywhere near you @mattinpa ?

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If you’re not a Washington Post subscriber the guardian has some info on this incident that they allow you to read.

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So many unthinkable statistics around this maladministration including 12,000 lies in 900+ days.


A citation for that?


I’m in the shading-rural burbs about 30 miles west. North Philly is famously one of the dicier parts of town. Mostly OK but some blocks you want to watch your step. But even so, cops doing a drug bust and getting into a huge firefight with six officers injured and the thing going on and on, that’s unusual. Hell, I just e-mailed a client at Temple today, same part of town.

I have to agree with you here. Maybe I’m misremembering something or conflating something. Anyways, I removed my post.