Homeland Security Committee Asks 8chan Owner To Testify

The House Committee on Homeland Security on Tuesday requested the current owner of the site 8chan to testify in front of Congress after investigators discovered that the suspected El Paso gunman may have posted a hate-filled screed on 8chan shortly before allegedly killing 22 people in a shooting spree on Saturday.

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Hey TPM, who the heck is that in the picture? The article gives no clue. And why is TPM the only site I read that doesn’t seem to have the capability of adding photo captions?


Sorry folks, but three isolated incidents of people using 8chan to post their manifestos before going out to murder innocents isn’t enough of a pattern for the Feds to pay attention to.

On the other hand, one activist driving a nail into a redwood is a sign of a vast underground of ecoterrorists who represent a clear and present danger to the country.

Thanks for nothing, FBI.


You really want a new source of typos?


It’s Bennie Thompson, chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security.*

And yes, on the one hand sometimes captions would be useful (there are sometimes captions). On the other hand, TPM is not for wimps. Most people who come here know more than any dozen average Americans about what’s going on with our government, so information is presented at least partly with that in mind.

*Now that you know who the man in the picture is, did it enhance your enjoyment of the article? Asking for a friend.

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Asshole Tycoon?

Also, good luck getting the owner of h8chan to testify.


Considering that I’ve been reading TPM almost since the day it was first launched and have been a member for longer than you have, I don’t need you schooling me on how “TPM is not for wimps.” Professional journalism calls for including captions with photos and doesn’t require that its readers Google the details.

My comment wasn’t directed to you. In the future, please keep your responses to yourself.

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Fight! Fight! Fight ! Fight!

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Well in Donald’s case it’s in the genes.

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Yeah, like this guy will cooperate, living in the Philippines where he’d probably be protected by that asshole Duterte against subpoenas or extradition.

8chan isn’t the core problem anyway. It’s a distraction, feeding Republican narratives. Easy access to military-grade guns with high capacity magazines is the problem. How about Homeland Security going after that threat to the Homeland?

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Wow. You make my case perfectly.

I guess I’d better check my seniority. I wasn’t aware there was a pecking order among commenters.

I’ve been reading TPM since shortly after Bush was re-elected. I didn’t join until I was offered membership as a gift several years ago, because I’m disabled and on a fixed income.

Having said that, present company excepted, I find TPM’s commenters to be among the friendliest, most erudite commenters anywhere. You’re the first asshole I’ve run across.

Cheers! (In my part of the country, that means “fuck you”)

P.S. If you’ve been on TPM for so long, I suggest you take up your criticism of the editing on this site with the editor. He’s easy to reach, and often responds. Whining in the comments doesn’t achieve anything except to get you snarky responses.

Or, alternately, take your “experienced” eyes to some other publication. You whined about the website standards, I commented on your comments. That’s what the comment section is for.

Spew all you want. I’ve had my say.

I submit my name for photo editor and caption writer.
I ask only for the most modest of salaries.


I promise to use caps, and at least spell-check once a day.


That is not a statement that should generate controversy.

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After the last week, everything generates controversy.

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Screw you!

I can spell “recalcitrant” correctly and make it fit beneath any Moscow Mitch McTreason McTraitor McFelchee McConnell photo.

And … I’ll do it for half the price.

On second thought …. This could quickly turn into another post Dram Shop Act race to the bottom where formerly “professional” musicians are put into a radically shrunken arena where, after they cut and bleed all their former friends and colleagues to the quick while scrambling for work, they end up playing gigs that formerly paid $16-2000/wk for the $2 cover (collected by the house, of course) or, better yet, the exposure.



They have reasons for their beliefs

Why yes, they do… they are insecure assholes