Hiding The Ball

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Hello, it’s the weekend. This is The Weekender :coffee: As Democrats grapple with a crisis atop their ticket of the sort not seen in generations, Republicans seem to be trying to figure out what they want the press and the public to see when it eventually directs its gaze back toward their party. That has,…


Arkansas abortion rights groups collect enough signatures to advance ballot measure (msn.com)


From Kate

the Court has left the door open to indulging its anti-abortion preferences at a later date.

The thugs on our scotus have chosen to ‘stand back and stand by’ at this time.

From Hunter

This toxic blend of conspiracy and rage is nothing new for Robinson, but more importantly, it’s increasingly a feature of Republican politics at large.

Consumed by hubris they’ve decided to drop their drawers and show us their face.

Thankfully Khaya gets to report on some good news for us because this last week has been a shitstorm.

We have so many ways to beat TSF this November but we need to get the question of who our candidate will be settled ASAP. I think we’ll know for certain this week. If not, we’re toast in an election that should be a gift for us.


The way the political press treats Democrats and a Democratic president only makes sense to me if Democrats are the only parties that are allowed to have agency in their narrative, like the “heroes” in a heroic quest. Trump and the MAGA Republicans are simply implacable objects to overcome; visionless “Orcs” or comic book villains that seek only to be in power - “We want to rule the world!” And the political press exists as a sort of disembodied chorus that charts the heroes’ progress and criticizes the protagonists’ choices and actions along the way sometimes throwing other impediments in their path as well, like the gods on Mt. Olympus.

This is an odd thought on my part, but there it is.


Despite all the evidence to the contrary. Who you going to believe, what I tell you or your lying eyes?


That Biden, and only Biden, has the authority to decide if he withdraws has been obvious from the start. The inanity of those who thought they could bluff him into withdrawing has also been apparent from the start. It appears that they did not even bother to consider the mechanics of getting someone else on the ballot. Nor the logistics of erecting a functioning campaign in the time available. Nor the damage done to the unity of the party if they parachuted in some Great White Hope to supersede Kamala Harris. Nor the deleterious effects of attacking Biden if he did stay in the race. Nor the time wasted not attacking Trump. And the optics for the public at large – if Biden can’t trust ‘the Democrats’ to have his back, can I trust them to have mine?


The GOP has been crazy since Nixon. In those decades it has become normalized and the Press has ignored it. Crazy is the new normal.


Is the Earth’s Climate No Longer Predictable? The Answer Will Arrive This Summer - Climate Change - Haaretz.com


If anything, Biden appears to have stubbornly stiffened his back in strengthened resolve not to.


Republican Mark Robinson has actually taken his extreme rhetoric up a notch and is now talking about how “some folks need killing!”

Just like Kristi Noem’s dog “just needed killing.” You got a problem and a gun. Easy solution.


The president is most certainly NOT elected by “all the people”. S/he is elected by the Electoral College which is dominated by low population states and ignores the will of the people. See Al Gore +500,000 votes and Hillary Clinton +2.8 million.


Interesting observation, and I can see how a Greek tragedy might be more sell-able to random public eyeballs. But it also strips Republicans of responsibility; no agency, no responsibility.


It’s an interesting take on it, but I think it could also be explained as media coverage of a big tent party with different ethnic groups, varying ideas and goals, vs. a party that is far more cohesive in what it wants. Which is basically a return to the 1950’s of Ozzie and Harriet, where White supremacy and religiosity ruled supreme in the culture.

The fissures and arguments between Dems simply give the media more to talk about. Especially in the current moment. More to talk about means more clicks, more money. I don’t see this changing any time soon. Dems will always be the more “mixed” group of people compared to the Republicans, and that’s fodder for media consumption.


“January 2020,” 12 months before J6. :roll_eyes:


Something, something about Everybody Wants to Rule the World.
Donnie wants to sit on a golden throne, and demands we bow down before him. It’s the people behind the curtain that have radical plans to change this country into some sort of dystopian Hell hole of masters and servants.

Apropo of nothing in your comment, but I just saw my second peloton of cyclists go by. Why do they only travel west to east on my road. :thinking:


“We didn’t argue and capitulate and talk about, well, maybe we shouldn’t fight the Nazis that hard. No, they’re bad. Kill them."

So it’s okay if I kill a Nazi? Hot diggity-dog!


Tucson ain’t no Garden of Allah, either. Got to go walk now before the heat melts off what’s left of the flesh on my bony white ass.

In other heat news.

Tis but a comfortable balminess.

ETA. Trump as Prez and dangerous AGW. Exhilarating, isn’t it?


The most important conversation that can happen right now is with the judges. They can resist Roberts’s coup, but they have to actually, you know, do that.

Imagine your kids came home from Little League one day and told you that a handful of new families joined the league this season, and they won the balance of their games, so they get to write the regulations for next season. And the new regulations say that from now on, at the conclusion of every ball game, the boys on the winning team get to make out with the older sisters and moms of the losing team. And if those women don’t do it willingly, the boys on the losing team are expected to help the other boys hold the women down so they can have their prize.

You wouldn’t just say, “gosh, we’d better make sure we don’t lose any games next season!”

You’d get everybody together, and you’d declare that you do not consent to play by these new rules, and that you would never consent to play by the new rules under any circumstances – not even if you were guaranteed to win every game next season. And you’d remove from the rules-committee all the cheeky boys who tried in earnest to transform your baseball league into their own improvised sex-trafficking ring.

The judges need to rebel against the Supreme Court. They need to do it this summer. The only alternative is war.


Reading that story yesterday someone commented that God killed a lot people, but because it was in the Yahoo comment section I didn’t ask “was that before or after God gave Moses the 10 Commandments?”