Hickenlooper Expected To Call It Quits

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is expected to drop out of the 2020 presidential race in a video set to be released sometime Thursday morning, Politico reported.

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The video will reportedly not clarify whether he intends to run for Senate instead.

Even in this day and age, socialist-bashing can only take one so far.


OK, one down, fifteen or so to go. Hopefully this will open the door for all the <5%'s to head for the exits.


His numbers will shoot up–as people realize that he did the right thing.



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Hickenlooper used to say he didn’t like to be in the legislative branch. Hope he won’t be forced to run for senate (or better, hope he’s changed his mind). As Sen. Brown said, you have to really want something to run for it (my paraphrasing).

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Not quite. Rubio told the entire country back in 2016 he HATED his job as FL Senator - and that’s why he should be elected POTUS.

Didn’t work but the minute he realized he was going no where on the presidential circuit and the FL GOP didn’t have much of a bench at the time, he turned around and ran for being re-elected for a job he hated. Once again.


It’s possible that Hick said that because he wanted to run for prez, but I do believe there’re people who don’t belong in the legislative branch, like former MN gov Mark Dayton (he was rated as one of the worst senators but later became quite good a governor). I think passion is important for a candidate to get elected (and to do the job afterwards).

Against his primary opponents thus far, part of Hickenlooper’s schtick has been to make silly remarks about other people’s “socialism.”

Not a tactic that will get him much purchase in a Senate race in Colorado.

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Catch-22. It’s the best there is.

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First of all, change your damn name. It’s ridiculous.

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Actually, it could be. Colorado has a distinct Western conservative streak.

Clinton style triangulation might still be effective at the state level, since Republicans are likely to put up a troglodyte on their side.


Hickenlooper has a better than 50-point lead in the Dem primary polling.


We need the Senate. Everything flows from there…

So, this is to displace Cory Gardner, who has come out against the legalization of cannabis in CO.

As the Governor who oversaw the wildly popular policy, I think Hinkenlooper should eat his lunch, if he doesn’t screw it up by tacking too hard to center.

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I recommend he change it to Lickenhooper. But, I’ve always Spoved loonerisms.