Here Are The Cops Who Allegedly Participated In Capitol Siege Or Trump Rally That Incited It

As the siege of the Capitol, egged on by President Donald Trump, was unfolding last week, observers noticed something that made the scene even more disturbing: A Capitol police officer talking a selfie with the violent insurrectionists.

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Cops don’t fare well in prison.


Dumbasses really fucked themselves there.

How stupid can they be.


I trust that this will be a career ending event in their lives. But gee, is Donnie going to pay for their lawyers?


Clearly, pretty stupid!


The exact type of people that should understand what they were doing was criminal. And they did it anyway.

Just impossible to have any empathy, much less sympathy for these jokers.


Given that the one guy says “It’s not like I did anything illegal” while presenting indisputable evidence of his presence at the scene of the crime, I’d say they’re a whole new kind of stupid.


You so funny!


White supremacy has been a problem in police departments for a long time, but now it has evolved to an actual national political movement with the MAGA hat being America’s version of a Nazi flag. I think police departments should be profiled for pro-trumper activities, and all such persons should be suspended with many being fired. There’s no way that an avid Trumper should be allowed to hold a badge and a gun and police non-white Americans. I think a Domestic Terrorism law would be needed to address the potential constitutional issues. However, I think it’s a reasonable expectation of the public that the police are not traitors or maliciously biased against the people they police.


A post of mine from another thread:

["There are at least two prongs with which to hang our strategy going forward:

(1) Aggressive Law Enforcement, and Intelligence/CounterIntelligence
(2) Alternatives for those who are alienated enough to act like the 6 January rioters

Item (1) is fairly self-explanatory
Item (2), to some extent, depends on what happens to Trump in the next few months, and what we can do to both change our public discourse and provide the “alternatives” I referenced above.

This is think-tank stuff, the types of strategies which will allow our society to function, given the mentalities of those who inhabit this country. It goes without saying that the present degree of polarization-with-a-terrorist-twist is not sustainable for this country going forward.Whatever Democratic person like myself posting on this thread can offer, at this point, is sketchy, but I can guarantee that sharp minds are grappling with this very thing.

The fact of the matter is that a gifted (and heavily supported) con-man was the catalyst for what confronts us today: and it is a social reality just twelve years after we elected the first Black President."]


“Here Are The Cops Who Allegedly Participated In Capitol Siege Or Trump Rally That Incited It.”

Uh huh.

Tip of the iceberg.

Tip. Of. The. Iceberg.


It’s entitlement and white privilege.


Recall how outraged Republicans were that some members of the FBI were not fans of candidate Donald Trump? Based on their reasoning, a Democrat should never be allowed to investigate a Republican.


Not only did the officer’s friendliness with the seditionists highlight the stark contrast between the police’s response to far-right agitation that day versus peaceful Black Lives Matter protests during the summer,

I know it isn’t PC, but I think it’s understandable when people push back on claims of peaceful BLM protests. Just sayin’…



I have several friends who are current or retired police officers. Most are normal people. There is one who has shown a decidedly far right lean at times, including during this. I wonder if we hadn’t still been on the uneasy edges of unrest here in Kenosha if he wouldn’t have gone out there.


The GOP was the catalyst. Its evolution since the 1960s made a con man’s ascendency possible.


Every single police officer in America should be placed on administrative leave to see if they have any ties to and/or sympathies for white supremacy. If they don’t, they go back to work; if they do, they should be fired and replaced by an African-American.

Maybe white people would start behaving more?

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I think active military and police need to step up and demand that any of their brethren who took part or aided/abetted this need to be severely dealt with.

Bottom line: is there any possible way to excuse and explain away that these ‘traitors’ were helping to get police killed?


It’s not PC but it is instructive - because candidate Joe Biden condemned the rioting where it took place. Because Biden is against, you know, rioting,