Greg Abbott’s Performative Border Clash Is A Classic MAGA Era Stunt

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Deep within the shadows of cyberspace, a monstrous conspiracy unfurls its tendrils, ensnaring unwitting souls in its sinister grasp. It is a tale spun by the fervent disciples of Trumpism, a labyrinth of deceit and manipulation designed to strike fear into the hearts of patriots.

At its center lie two seemingly innocuous figures: NFL star Travis Kelce and pop sensation Taylor Swift. But beneath their glamorous veneer, they are nothing more than pawns in a game orchestrated by interdimensional beings, Wizard Cats, and our alien lizard overlords. These dark forces, hungry for power and control, seek to install Joe Biden as a forever fascist dictator, manipulating the masses through a web of deception and subterfuge.

The saga begins with the AFC Championship Game, a spectacle carefully orchestrated by the NFL at the behest of these malevolent entities. The Kansas City Chiefs emerge victorious, not by skill or chance, but by the machinations of the shadowy figures pulling the strings behind the scenes. Their goal? To pave the way for Taylor Swift’s appearance at the Super Bowl, where she will deliver a mesmerizing endorsement of President Joe Biden to a captive global audience.

But the plot thickens as Travis Kelce is thrust into the spotlight, unwittingly becoming a pawn in the globalist chess game. His appearance in a Pfizer promotional video advocating for COVID-19 vaccinations sparks outrage among Trump supporters, who see it as further evidence of his complicity in the dark agenda. Little do they know, Kelce is but a puppet, manipulated by forces beyond his comprehension to further their nefarious goals.

In the convoluted tale spun by fervent Trump supporters, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce emerge as mere puppets, swaying to the whims of their interdimensional overlords. Each step they take, every endorsement uttered, and every public appearance made is intricately choreographed to align with the clandestine agenda of a shadowy cabal. This elusive group, manipulating the strings from the shadows, seeks to intoxicate the minds of Americans with a perilous blend of terrorism and fentanyl, conveniently ushered in through Biden’s open border policies. The sinister aim? To enchant and ensnare, compelling unsuspecting minds to cast their votes for the Democrat party.


Where’s Puppy?


Cat - Akko Israel - 2000


theghostofeustacetilley So THAT is what these conservative nitwits have gotten their hair all up in a bun about?

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding.

Time to pick your Captain Haddock swearword in response Yellow-bellied sons o’troglodytes!


“Ceasefire Now” sounds like a republican astroturf group.


No one really believes that individual states have or should have authority to police the international borders of the United States. No one really believes that the U.S. is under invasion by unarmed migrants crossing the southern border for desperate economic reasons. No one really believes that Abbott is acting in good faith to address an intractable policy problem with a well-designed, carefully calibrated, workable solution.

Saying No one is incorrect, if you say No one sane in each of these cases I would agree. But there are likely a majority of MAGAts who would believe your statements.


Yes they’ve moved on from saying Let’s Go Brandon and now they chant “Taylor Swift IS The Antichrist!”

They have nightmares of Taylor in a bikini singing “Dark Brandon”


A famous woman falling in love with a famous man and not acting ashamed about it is definitely an op.

But Republican governors cosplaying civil war on the border during the election year so nobody thinks about their assault on abortion rights is just what nature intended.

— L O L G O P (@LOLGOP) January 30, 2024

Just an FYI Very sad
Former Planned Parenthood Leader Cecile Richards Reveals Brain Cancer Diagnosis (
Richards, 66, who was Planned Parenthood’s president from 2006 to 2018, shared details of her diagnosis in a profile in The Cut. For the past six months, she divulged, she’s been undergoing treatment for an incurable glioblastoma, which has a median survival rate of 15 months.


Half the country’s nightmares; half the country’s dreams…


If we’re goddam lucky!


Reposting here because it is actually on topic!

Birthday text with my son yesterday:


Yeah, that “No one” statement is demonstrably wrong. I would say that many right wing office holders and pundit don’t believe it even while they push it, but many of their voters do.

Jan 6 should have been a pretty good clue about what kind of puerile bullshit right wing voters believe.



Much like a Democratic congressman misspending public funds on personal security is - “let’s get ‘im,” but a Republican congressman having sex with minors is - “well, what can we do?”


Or, it might have just been some unfortunate fourth-quarter Baltimore turnovers.


I love those. Better than maple donuts.


Super Bowl Sunday starting with marks in thousands of megachurches praying for Kansas City to lose the Super Bowl…


You keep raven about them