GOPers Will Run Ads Attacking Dems Over MLB All-Star Game Relocation | Talking Points Memo

Republicans will run ads on Tuesday that paint Democrats as the bad guy over the Major League Baseball’s decision to move its All-Star game out of Atlanta in response to Georgia’s restrictive voting law.

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Always the victims. Their self-inflicted wounds are always caused by someone else.


And we all know that one’s right to attend an MLB game is even more important than one’s right to vote. pffft.


Thanks Obama.


Another topic lately that will create a meh response.

Even the Texas Democrats going to D.C. may be an error on the GOP’s part. In this case, there is a clear, moral issue that affects every single voter in Texas and a basic right. It is easy to demonstrate the choices in the new Texas laws for Voting are arbitrary. The reasoning that Abbot and gang seem to raise up is always the same, minimalistic offering. It looks and sounds contrived and they really do not want to be challenged directly and debate it. That reasoning hasn’t changed or been validated to any extent. Weak, weak sauce with an issue of huge repercussion. I wouldn’t play that sort of chicken in the street, it is certified dumb with high chance of it boomeranging on the GOP.


“This was supposed to be Atlanta’s night, but we were robbed,” Melvin Everson, a former Republican state lawmaker, says in an ad the Republican National Committee will air during the game.

Boo the fuck hoo. Tell that to the Atlanta voters who spent more time waiting in line than it takes to watch the allstar game, including travel to and from game and doing the security theater dance to enter the stadium.


Getting primaried

In the middle of a pandemic, Major League Baseball put the wishes of Stacey Abrams and Joe Biden ahead of the economic well-being of hard-working Georgians who were counting on the All-Star Game for a paycheck.”




Republicans are trying to make it harder for people to vote.

Many people frown on that in this country. This is on them.


Why do republicans hate our freedoms?


Just checked CO has a fully vaccinated rate of 51.3% while GA sits at 37.4%. If I were so inclined to pick one state over another would I be safer in the state with more fully vaccinated folks?


This is just another case of manufactured outrage on the part of Republicans. It does allow them to evaluate whether they want to take the economic hit as a price for holding onto their voter suppression laws, or keep the MLB game and money and not suppress voters of color.

The basketball all star game was moved from North Carolina in 2016 because of an objectional LBGT law they passed.

NBA moving All-Star Game out of Charlotte, cites LGBT law (


Maybe a few stadium businesses in Atlanta will be moved by this heartrending appeal (snicker), but for most American baseball fans, as long as they can see it on their teevie sets, they won’t care WHERE it’s being played.

Maybe the GQPers ought to go back to Mr/Ms Potato Head and Doctor Seuss?


O/T Poor old Roy


Well said. I’ve got to remember that one.


Dear hubby, this morning, was thrilled that the game was moved.

Says he is now waiting for Delta, Coke and other large companies located in Georgia that claim to be for equality and diversity and took no action to leave the State, despite these new restrictions, to do the same as MLB has done.


Teevee. It’s on Fox. They should be good.


“Republicans were quick to pan the MLB’s decision as a symptom of ‘cancel culture’.”

What kind of assholes attack baseball?

“Just watch your step, Mom and apple pie – or you’re next!”


I guess the former Chief Justice of Alabama isn’t a very good judge of character.


The entire notion that MLB were pressured by Stacy Abrams and Democrats to move the All Star game or are “woke” is plain absurd. Just look at the owners political views and their donations, most lean conservative or at least nominally Republican.

If anything like most any business owner they’re reading the marketplace and listening to their employees.


If you can sit there and be told the Israelis have developed a pedophile detector and don’t realize this is a pretty savage joke on you because you are, yourself, a fucking pedophile, then you’re too god-damn dumb to be winning any $95 million lawsuits. Just my non-professional legal opinion there kids.

If he doesn’t judge that his own suggests he ought to jump in one of Alabama’s slow-moving, muddy rivers and drown his POS self, then no, he’s not much of a judge of character.