GOP Sen. Ernst Comes Out Against Convicting Trump, Argues Conviction Is Unconstitutional

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) said on Tuesday that she would not vote to convict President Donald Trump when he eventually faces a Senate impeachment trial.

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Joni Ernst is just as dumb as a post. To suggest she’s just being partisan doesn’t give credit to the depth of her stupidity.


You’ll get your chance to vote on it.

Now sit down and shut up.


Argue that it is unconstitutional to do one’s constitutional duty? So the POTUS could shoot someone on Constitution Avenue and walk away unscathed. Go field dress a fucking moose and leave governing to those willing to actually do it. News flash, he won’t be POTUS when he decides to run again, but I guess that’s ok. Try harder.


After some indictments drop and some money laundering facts come out, these weak “procedural” arguments will seem smaller and smaller.
It’s also a cop out to avoid the larger guilt/innocent argument.


“… and if I didn’t say this publicly, people might ask why I stood with the President over the past four years and didn’t say anything earlier, which would make me look bad as it would suggest I don’t care about my constituents or the citizens of the US. It would be a mess. I would need to explain why I did nothing to stem covid-19 in this country, but those 400,000 now dead can’t vote anymore (or can they?). It would open up questions as to why I supported voter suppression (not that it did us any good). I would have to tell my voters that I didn’t care about Russian interference in the US. Most importantly, someone might reasonably ask me why I supported that bastard who treats women so poorly - but that would bring up the entire Rudy situation and the poor man has suffered enough. I could go on and on and on, but it’s easier to support President Trump and his calls for an insurrection against our tainted and corrupt elections, as that’s what FOX has convinced everyone of importance (my voters) has occurred without any evidence. Why change a good thing? Oh, by the way, where are the lifeboats?”


OK, Joni, how about castration? Is castration unconstitutional?


Another example of what a joke the impeachment of Trump has become. Ernst is a Juror in that trail. Can you imagine what would happen to a juror in any other trial that said " I will not convict" prior to the trial being conducted?

23 hours and counting.


And to think we could have been rid of her in public life. Sad, Iowa. Just sad.


No surprise, she knows that her win depended on the Trump base, and she’s afraid to lose it before she runs again in six years. She’s probably also afraid of them, at some point they are going to attack politicians directly and she doesn’t want to be on some farm in Iowa when they decided to come for her.


Pretty sure this isn’t the originalist argument. If the Founders envisioned barring someone from ever holding office again, pretty sure that they didn’t intend to have a loophole that a premature resignation or departure from office would stop any and all continued actions to make that happen.


Who gives a fig what this thumb in a wig thinks about anything?


Ernst comes out against convicting Trump.
In other news, water is confirmed to be wet.


Did Joni Ernst get appointed to the Federal Bench while I wasn’t looking? The Constitutionality of anything is for a court to decide, NOT a member of the Senate who will be responsible to sit as a juror in this case. Jurors do NOT interpret the law or the Constitution, they are finders of fact only.


You don’t know the Founders like Ernst does. You see…the Founders were Trumper’s and wingnuts in the wings. They crated the 1st amendment to cover bigotry, the 2nd gun nuttery, the 4th stop and fuck with and Article 3 to be ignored. Ask Barr.


So, trial and conviction by the Senate is written into the Constitution but it’s “unconstitutional“??

Schrödinger’s Constitution??


The only reason the trial for impeachment conviction is happening after he leaves office, Joni, is because your best bud and GOP Senate leader Moscow Mitch McConnell wouldn’t call the Senate back into session right after the House impeached Fat Ass. So fuck you, Bread Bags.


Schrödinger’s cat has the Constitution. So is there one or not?


SHe is ridiculous. Trump bet against our country. We WILL hold him accountable…with you or without you. Witch.


Depends: is the cat a Dem or a Gooper?