GOP Rep Rips Trump’s ‘Insensitive’ Remarks Amid Rise In Anti-Asian Attacks | Talking Points Memo

Rep. Young Kim (R-CA) condemned former President Trump’s xenophobic references to COVID-19 during an interview that aired on CNN Sunday, days after the Republican lawmaker testified during a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing addressing recent spikes of violence against Asian Americans after a mass shooter killed six women of Asian descent and two others in Atlanta-area spas.

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Trump backed primary opponent for 22 to be named shortly.


A female Asian attacking Trump? No way he can allow that to stand!! There is no Twitter to attack in 3 - 2 - 1 seconds, so we will have to wait a bit longer, but not much.


discuss the impact of rising anti-Asian hate and harassment, their personal experiences and their hopes to diversify the Republican Party



It’s Trump, of course, but not just him. Minority Leader McCarthy was just at the southern border ominously warning us that Sri Lankans and Chinese people were coming through.

The Republican Party -come for the tax cuts, stay for the xenophobia. You can’t separate one from the other anymore than you can separate two sides of a coin.


She only denounced the twice-impeached one-term loser Dr. Cadet Toadglans mit der Bone Spurs von Queens? What about the rest of her colleagues, much less the entire Guardians Of Predators?


Somebody’s in the wrong party.

ETA: if only there were another option that took human decency seriously


“Rep. Young Kim (R-CA) condemned former President Trump’s xenophobic references…”

Trump, his bootlickers in Congress, and the GOP base hate people who look like you, Rep. Kim.

They (literally) assault and murder them.

Your party is not your party.

By all means, continue (like Dems) to condemn this madness, but understand also that your continued support of the GOP enables it.

You cannot separate the two.


I’m sympathetic to her sentiment, indeed, I am. Just as I was and am still, to the plight of Muslims, blacks, immigrants (documented and otherwise), women, and LGBTQ, all of whom have suffered immensely under Republican rule. It’s past time we demand they recognize our common humanity.


She just discovered that Trump is a bigot.
I mean it’s all so new. The shock has yet to wear off. Let’s give her some time.


Seems like only yesterday that it was Karl Rove warning people that they needed to watch what they say about Dim Son and his illegal and immoral invasion of a sovereign nation. Kim takes those words and uses them for more constructive purposes. Make no mistake folks, the dotard’s derogatory, racist words about China and the whining about his defeat being a result of corruption were aimed at the same targets. He is directly implicated in the assaults across the nation against Asians and the insurrection at the capitol. Kim Yung Un was right, he is a dotard.


Though Steel saying something is a bonus, i was waiting for Young Kim to chime in.

She now might be in Pete Meijer’s spot (her district PVI is even), but babysteps.


Enjoy your primary challenge Representative Young Kim.


“They need to be careful about what they say, because people really take that to heart,” Kim said.

They are. Isn’t that exactly why Trump says these things?


Re: Steel

Oh well


This is what I can’t understand about these republicans. They don’t seem to be able to connect the dots and see the larger picture, which is that they will be in the second wave of exterminations if the GQP True Believers get their way.

And saying that “the leaders” need to be more circumspect about what they say both confuses the issue, since it’s only “the leaders” of one side of this discussion who say these disgusting things, and ignores that fact that members of that party eat up the disgusting things with joy, which is why they follow those leaders.


McCarthy might demand she resign from the caucus because she is the same race as the woman who contacted Eric Swallwell. But not the same as the guys propping up Devin Nunes. They have round eyes and white skin doncha know?


I received my first Pfizer yesterday. Slightly sore where the needle went in but otherwise OK.
The folks at my CVS say they’re doing 170 a day.


The either-or dichotomy of Trumpism is in contrast with gradations of “un-acceptability” common in Latin America, the Ante Bellum South, Jim Crow and the U.S. up to the present day.

What happens when someone who hitherto had a “secure” identity as “white” (or “almost”) confronts the Trumpist with a different version of same?

And what happens to THAT Trumpist, down the line?


The GOP, post-Trump needs needs to change their icon from the elephant to the pig, for that is what Republicans are, . . .pigs!