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Mark Finchem is dangerous.
He is running for our Arizona Secretary of State and that would give him control of elections. Let me say very clearly he is a whack job nut case well beyond right wing. Under him Qanon would be state policy
Kari Lake is extreme but Finchem is worse.



As the U.S. moves closer to the 2022 midterm elections, a sizable number of Americans express a lack of confidence in the accuracy of the vote count.

It’s jolting to think living in the United States means you reside in a third world country so far as the conduct of elections.

All that’s missing is purple thumb dye and the seizure of ballot boxes at the point of a gun. And the latter is probably coming.


I have an “I voted” sticker on my coffee mug


We can give up…

or not


If bad faith actors like Finchem are elected to key posts and Trump remains untouched, the 2024 election may be “legally” stolen (with the acquiescence of the corrupt 6 SCOTUS right wingers).

This is why many, including me, are so impatient with DOJ. Unless they indict Trump and his key co-conspirators for the documents case, we know another coup is assured. Will DOJ do so at least for the Mar a Lago documents case shortly after the November election? What about Trump’s coup attempt and obstruction of Biden’s win?

I’m a lawyer, and fully understand why a case takes a while to develop, but it’s been almost 2 years since the attempted coup, and the documents case is a straightforward one to prove. Unless Trump is charged soon and convicted before the 2024 election, his acolytes will continue to seek to destroy our democracy. (They may do so anyway, but might think twice before doing so if Trump is a convicted felon).


This headline is about 5 years too late. I told friends when Trumpy was nominated that he would do everything necessary to stay in power even if it meant destroying the country. It is too late to wake up not, I think this countries best days are in the past and Biden’s epitaph is going to be “America was lost on his watch”.


America was lost in 2016 when 75,000 people in the critical states sat on their hands because “butter e-mails”. The rest is just the slow crumble of a glacier into the ocean.


Danny Dorko expresses a lack of confidence in the accuracy of the “sizable number” count.



I’m down with that!


There has been very little “Good Faith” in politics for a VERY long time. The right wing reactionaries have been steadily planting their seeds inside the system for 50 years, seeking to control things from inside.

But once Trump came along and basically said, “Fuck your societal ‘norms’” all pretense at “legitimate” change from inside the system went out the door. With McConnell showing the way from the “staid” US Senate, conservatives are saying we have the votes, we have the power, and we will use that power to to cement our power and all of you that believe in Democracy, well, this is the result. We’ve got the votes in the places that matter and we will prevent you from regaining the political majority.

As gross generalizations, liberals care about all the people and make their choices through that lens and conservatives care about themselves. The “ruling elite” the conservatives rail against don’t exist, while they are the true ruling elite and have successfully bamboozled a large enough swath of people to keep pretending they care about anything other than themselves in power.

Voting can still change things, but is becoming increasingly difficult to get enough votes to make the changes that need to be made. And if a true revolution does come, count on “Law and Order” conservatives to ignore the 2nd Amendment and make it nearly impossible for “liberals” to own guns to protect themselves or fight back.

This and January 6th and the rampant misogyny and the outright racism…and people wonder why my Facebook profile and cover picture are just all-black boxes. Despair is winning and I’m not sure what to do to change the trajectory of our country.

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It’s important to remember that all of these voter suppression tactics and bills have unfolded in plain view. Many have went unchallenged. It’s sad the Democratic Party has once again been caught flat footed and ambushed and are now, right before the election, wringing their hands on the sidelines. This movie is getting old, old, old.

This is why you shouldn’t believe or have any confidence in any poll that shows a Democrat a few points ahead. In most cases it means he/she will probably go on to lose by 5 to 10 points.


I’m going on 30 years an immigrant to the US — 20 of which a citizen— and it has always astonished me that, before Tr***, folks have never really looked at the blatantly undemocratic fox-running-the-hen-house way in which we allow politicians run their own elections.

I still resent having to declare myself a member of one or other party just to have a vote that half-way matters; I say half-way because living in a so called blue state, blue primaries are where the real action is. After that, the sclerotic hand of incumbency rules (quite literally). And if your in the minority, well, not voting is just as valid as wholehearted participation.

Still, though, this article blows right past the inherent inequity of the Electoral Collage and fails to point out the elephant in the room (no pun intended) — our voting system is not proportional. In other words the grand tally of votes cast does not proportional represent the will of the people. If 54% vote Democrat and the Dems win 48% of the seats how can that be defined as a representative democracy? Alaska has made some strides with their Ranked Choice Voting system (you can tell it’s working because of how mad/confused it’s made the MAGA right). But things won’t really change unless we, yes, devise a way to run elections that don’t involve the parties who’ve got skin in the game; make political donations wholly transparent; ban gerrymandering (proving a district is gerrymandered is now possible); make it legally hard not to vote instead of our current vice-versa; de-fang or get rid of the electoral college; adopt RCV nationwide at all levels, thereby forcing fringe loons back to the fringe and having more people happy with who’s in power than not; and, sweet baby jeezuss this two Senators per state thing is so 18th century, gawd forbid the plebes hold sway — having the likes of coal-baron bumpkins dictating whether or not a bridge gets built in a city they’d be hard-pressed to admit in public to have ever visited… that ain’t democracy folks. It’s a FUBAR mess. Radical democracy reform is needed or we’re doomed to anocractic, fascist-adjacent oligarchy with Luhansk/Donets-style elections as a best-case scenario.

And just, again for the record, Ranked Choice Voting will do an end-run around disinformation. If your first choice, say, is MJT (coz your corn flakes told you so) but you put in Jeb Bush as your second, chances are Jeb’ll clinch it in the end. Ya feel me?