Giuliani Won’t Contest That He Made ‘False Statements’ About Georgia Election Workers

Rudy Giuliani admitted on Tuesday that he made “false” statements about two Georgia election workers as part of a ploy to avoid turning over documents — and potential punishment from the court — in the case.

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That must be some great discovery. Too bad it’s still relevant to all kinds of stuff, including punitive damages. Cough it up, Rudy.


When they fall,…they fall hard! Rudy’s comeuppance, much like Donnie’s, was postponed for far, far too long. May it be so.


If you’re given just two options…shitty and shittier most opt for shitty. Rudy is. There’s a lot of legal yak about his strategy in doing this. It will limit discovery. It will get it over with in the way most beneficial for Rudy. It allows Rudy to take a “protected speech” defense. However he’s at the mercy of the plaintiffs attorney and I’ll bet he won’t let any of it work for Rudy. Nor will the Judge. He’s in for a whopping hit and ignominy.


Seems pretty obvious that if he’s trying this hard to keep it hidden, there must be some real there there.


I’m sure what Rudy’s holding back is quite damning. He’s in a Hobson’s choice. Produce the records and suffer what they reveal or take the heat for not producing them. I imagine he’s calculated the latter to be the best option.


Lock Him Up!!!


Had to look that up. Thank you for inspiring me to learn something new today.


This fucker better not get off the hook for pulling this last minute shit and finally conceding to the truth. He may know how to do that but I’m so sick of these fuckers at the top of the shit pile finding ways to minimize their culpability.

He forced those women into hiding, they were doxed and threatened, and their whole world was turned upside down as a result. No siree, Bob. He has to pay the ultimate or full price for his involvement, in setting both those women up and targeting them. That goes for that orange fat fuck that is attached at his hip too. Any judge that says he doesn’t have to turn over discovery now is just rewarding his contemptuous behavior to intimidate others.


Whatever they are, Jack Smith almost certainly has them.

ETA: And it’s mostly not his choice. It’s still up to the judge whether he has to turn them over. He can, of course, refuse to comply with orders and get death penalty sanctioned (spoiler: not literal death, just losing the case), but just admitting to the lies doesn’t get him out of his discovery obligations.


What a sad, sad way to shuffle into the anals (no, not a misspelling) of history.


they did not inflict any damage or distress on the two Georgia women.

Just death threats that forced them to flee thier home and go into hiding.

Giuliani is scum of the Earth. The very worst.


The damage is done. The alternate reality of their guilt is already well ingrained in the “Stop the Steal” mythology. Rudy was turned by the dark forces of the Deep State. The “truth” remains the truth and nothing the legal system or the fake news has to say to the contrary will matter.


I was wondering about that. The materials would (almost certainly) make it clear whether the statements were knowingly false, and just what consequences the conspirators expected to inflict on the plaintiffs.

Since all of this stuff is records, he can’t go with a 5th-amendment hail mary, can he?


No Fifth Amendment privilege for records, only testimony. And in a civil case, invoking the Fifth to refuse to testify gets held against the witness.


I was curious about that. If he stiffs the Judge ( which I cannot imagine a wise thing to do ) what does the Judge have at his or her disposal to wring that crap out of Rudy? In what universe is pissing off a Judge a good idea?


Monetary sanctions to start with, making Rudy pay the other side’s fees incurred in seeking to make him cough up the docs. After that, death penalty sanctions, i.e., Rudy summarily loses the case without need to proceed to trial because his obstinate refusal to comply with his obligations gives rise to the very obvious inference that everything the plaintiffs allege is true.

Fun fact: Defamation is an intentional tort, which makes it a non-dischargeable debt in bankruptcy court. So if Andrew G. thinks he’s got an inheritance coming, he’d best think again.


He won’t ‘contest’ that he lied about GEORGIA but then he runs to the microphones and insists that BIDEN is a criminal. Got it.


srfromgr: “He forced those women into hiding, they were doxed and threatened, and their whole world was turned upside down as a result.”

And, in Josh Kovensky’s report: “Giuliani admitted in a court filing that his statements about the two were “false,” and conceded that while they carried “meaning that is defamatory per se,” they did not inflict any damage or distress on the two Georgia women.”

Giuliani appears to be a fantasist and a coward as well as a depraved and unrepentant liar.

Judge Howell has an overriding duty not to let Giuliani play the system and to ensure that there is full accountability to the court and to those he has harmed most directly, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. They have clearly been damaged and continue to be damaged by statements that Giuliani has admitted to the court were untrue and they are surely entitled to know the full sordid details about why Giuliani was prepared to tell such egregious lies about them.

When you make statements that you know to be false and you also know they will damage others and then play games to hide the full extent of your dishonesty and depravity it is surely the responsibility of the judicial system to ensure that the extent of your dishonesty and depravity is plain to all to see; most especially those who have been most damaged by your actions.