Giuliani Joined Trump Admin Discussions About Erdogan Foe Before Repping Trump | Talking Points Memo

Before he was President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani was involved in a debate within the Trump administration over an adversary of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Bloomberg reported Monday.

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And Flynn, of course, was an unregistered agent for Turkey, as well…

I’m really impressed with just how far-ranging this conspiracy goes.


So another FARA violation by Guiliani, Trumps/POTUS’s personal attorney!

The muckiest admin ever!

And once again shows that POTUS puts himself and his friends first, not America!


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Rudy Guiliani is the Trump regime’s version of Zelig, but only if Zelig was a participant in all abuses of power and crimes.


Wow. There’s not any muck that Rudy won’t climb into and be a part of.


Not if there’s a dollar somewhere in that muck.


Then what’s he doing working for trump, who’s never paid a bill in his lousy life?


I hope the Nationals made him buy tickets to the game last night.

At least Gaetz.


This, plus Flynn, plus the Turkish security team assaulting protestors in DC, plus Trump allowing Turkey to run wild against the Kurds…it really makes you wonder what is going on with Turkey, or what deal with (or hold over) Trump and company they have.

There are several undercurrents like this going on that really need a deep dive to understand, it really feels like those things are having large effects on world politics but it’s all hidden from view.


So how many different foreign entities is rudi representing while also ostensibly representing trump? albeit he’s still not practicing law for any of them.


Rudy was born with an inflated ego. During his career, and especially when he was deemed “America’s Mayor,” his ego got even bigger. Over time it became even bigger yet. It led him to corruption and will be his ultimate downfall. Somehow it sounds like his client, Donnie, eh?


No doubt he’s being paid, on behalf of his work for Trump, just not by Trump.

You know who wants to know how he is being paid and by whom as much, or more, than we do? Judith.

It would be a heaping bowl of poetic justice if the ugly divorce case ended up answering those questions.


Does he still have a law license? Am guessing he does, but not for long.

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:joy: Well played.


I’m’a call BS on this:

The White House reportedly even suggested specific lines of inquiry, such as whether the schools were being used to launder money, or whether Gulen’s status as a religious leader could mean that the schools were religious institutions ineligible for federal funds.

They couldn’t/wouldn’t make this argument because they have been fighting too hard to hand out Federal money to all those Christian religious schools.


We should count ourselves lucky that these buffoons apparently suffer from attention deficit disorder. They have so many plots going at once, they can’t focus on just one to see it to completion.

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fighting too hard to hand out Federal money to all those Christian religious schools

In their minds, Islam is not a like kind with Christianity – they would have no trouble with such a double-standard.


I’m still mystified how Turkish security agents could attack our citizens with impunity On their DC visit and this admin continues to get on their knees and service Erdogan.


Exactly. If I have to hear one more comment from churchgoing friends about how Trump’s fighting for freedom of religion to oppose the persecution of Christians at home and abroad, I’m slapping somebody in the communion line!