Georgia Law Creating New Hurdles For Voters Already Faces A Legal Challenge | Talking Points Memo

Almost immediately after Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed into law sweeping changes to the state’s election rules Thursday, Black community groups filed a lawsuit challenging several of its provisions, which the groups say are unconstitutional and a violation of the Voting Rights Act.

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Yep. GOPs picked a fight. It’s on now.


And Exhibit 1 will be the video of the Black State Rep getting dragged off in handcuffs.


Talk about unleashing a kraken… They’ve done it now.


Stacey Abrams is gonna rock their racist world.


But if it goes to the SC, the law will stand, yes?


The arrogance that they would have the nerve to try this.

This will mark a New Generation…and they will be proud, just like the Generation of John Lewis and Jim Clyburn


The Supreme Court is going to be the center of things they will not like at all.


The current SCOTUS was purchased by the Federalist Society for this very fight.


The minds of Georgia Republicans…


As of September 13th 2019

Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by
Active Chief Senior
32 Chief Judge Thomas W. Thrash Jr. Atlanta 1951 1997–present 2014–present — Clinton
37 District Judge Timothy C. Batten Sr. Atlanta
Newnan 1960 2006–present — — G.W. Bush
38 District Judge Amy Totenberg Atlanta 1950 2011–present — — Obama
39 District Judge Steve C. Jones Atlanta 1957 2011–present — — Obama
40 District Judge Leigh Martin May Atlanta 1971 2014–present — — Obama
41 District Judge Mark Howard Cohen Atlanta 1955 2014–present — — Obama
42 District Judge Eleanor Louise Ross Atlanta 1967 2014–present — — Obama
43 District Judge Michael Lawrence Brown Atlanta 1968 2018–present — — Trump
44 District Judge William M. Ray II Atlanta 1963 2018–present — — Trump
45 District Judge J. P. Boulee Atlanta 1971 2019–present — — Trump
46 District Judge Steven D. Grimberg Atlanta 1974 2019–present — — Trump
19 Senior Judge Harold Lloyd Murphy Rome 1927 1977–2017 — 2017–present Carter
21 Senior Judge Robert L. Vining Jr. inactive 1931 1979–1996 1995–1996 1996–present Carter
23 Senior Judge Orinda Dale Evans inactive 1943 1979–2008 1999–2006 2008–present Carter
29 Senior Judge Clarence Cooper Atlanta 1942 1994–2009 — 2009–present Clinton
31 Senior Judge Willis B. Hunt Jr. inactive 1932 1995–2005 — 2005–present Clinton
33 Senior Judge Richard W. Story Atlanta
Gainesville 1953 1998–2018 — 2018–present Clinton
34 Senior Judge Charles A. Pannell Jr. Atlanta 1946 1999–2013 — 2013–present Clinton

We will see.


This doesn’t prevent voting. It just makes it harder. People will just need to work harder to make sure their vote counts so we can vote out these bastards. The work starts NOW!


I’m dying to know how Clarance Thomas’ uncle was able to vote and what hoops he had to jump through when he growing up in Pinpoint Georgia.


One way that the current GOP voter suppression efforts are supremely ‘Trumpist’ is the internal illogicality of their premises. Even if ‘election integrity’ was a real thing and voter fraud was actually rampant, the remedy would be to make sure that only eligible voters were allowed to vote. Making it more difficult for everyone to vote (As Chris Hayes pointed out) makes no sense, unless you assume that voting itself is an inherently dangerous activity.


I wonder what Roberts thinks about the SCOTUS decision to gut the Voting Rights Act when he sees stuff like this. Does he have a moment of regret, or does it reaffirm his belief that we are post racial society?

There is a LOT of blood on the hands of the conservatives in SCOTUS. In the future, this era will be considered the second Civil War. The Democrats have to grab the present and pass the For the People Act right now. Anyone who stands in the way (I am looking at you, Manchin) needs to step aside and let history move forward.


Justice Thomas, a native son of Georgia, holds "black folks gets to vote when white folks says we can vote. Why yaw wanna vote anyhow? Massa be good to us. You just go making trouble for all of us. "


This is why I am grateful the most in GOP are a box of rocks.

If your endgame is indeed voter suppression, you don’t launch a massive bill less than 180 days after an election that went without issue. There is no fig leaf for a friendly judge to help you. You’ve bundles everything together which makes it easier to toss out in the courts. I’m upset at the GOP BS, but optimistic that it will get tossed in court, especially when the Sec of State has been so public about how good the integrity is…and criminal charges start coming out against Trumpers.

A death by a thousand cuts, like what’s going on out West, it the more likely harm to democracy than the Kraken-turd that just flopped in Georgia.


Doubtful, but we cannot know for sure either way.


Fight back against Cookie Cancel Culture!


Adding stuff like not being able to drink water in line was incredibly stupid on their part - but what else is new. Watch the SC knock down just that one part …

And no, I’m sure John Roberts is just fine with his past horrific decisions that undid 100 years of precedent.

In the meantine 19 GOP senators are going to prance and whine at the border. 19. They have nothing better to do with their time and our money.