Georgia Enters Final Stretch Of Passing Legislation That Will Make It Harder to Vote | Talking Points Memo

By a party-line vote, Georgia’s House passed legislation that would make sweeping changes to the state’s election rules, with a bill that will heighten ID requirements for absentee voting, limit drop box use and prohibit the distribution of food and most beverages to voters while they’re waiting in line.

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Do these klan krackers believe they can do this with impunity? That the good people of Georgia will quietly accept this?

They will wear their shame a long time when we overcome them.


Once again, the Georgia GQP strives to strike a blow for fascist autocracy.


"It’s getting harder and harder to choose your voters these days."™
— Rethugliklan’s Lament


Full court press by Dems and their allies. Kill the filibuster. Pass HR1. Massive voter outreach and drive. Unapologetic messaging about their agenda and values. And most of all, stop deferring to Repubs and calling and treating them like “distinguished colleagues”, which they’re not. They’re vile and need to be called out as such. Go on the offensive and break their spirits and will. Disabuse them of their conceit and delusion about being superior and justified in what they’re doing because of this delusion. Make them stop assuming and believing that they’re better because they’re white, conservative, Christian and mostly male and straight. CRUSH their souls and spirit and take away their confidence in themselves and their will to fight and win. Seriously, this is in many ways a psychological and messaging war, and we have to win.

Finish the Civil War and 'Ole Abe & Ullyses’s work and make them proud.


I’d like to know if in the past “line warmers” only handed out food, drink, or offered to stand in line for someone to use a restroom only did it for voters of one party or for everyone who was standing in line? I mean the thing that GA legislature doesn’t want to hear about or address is why there are very long lines at some polling places.
And for the voting in the wrong precinct we fixed that here in St Louis County, and I believe no other county purchased the machines that allow the voter to vote in any precinct. I maybe wrong but when GA purchased new machines, and used them for the first time last year during the primary, I got the impression that machines were purchased by the state. The state then allocated machines to the counties. Here in MO the counties makes the decision on what kind of machines to purchase. I guess that it’s different in other states.


The GA leg better understand that this shot across the bow will be met with corporate backlash and even more prepared GA Dem voters.

“We shall overcome…” the machinations of the descendants of the losers of the Civil War.


wait for the bill that will allow only a finite number of votes be cast and a voter registration system that has a ranking system based on a multiplier for your trumpian enthusiasm


Exactly what Sen. Blunt assured us would never happen just happened.


I’m surprised they didn’t put a firearms measure in the bill. Longer lines to vote, no one is allowed to give you a bottle of water (BTW Coca Cola based in Atlanta produces a number of bottled waters) or a snack bar but you’re allowed to open carry a firearm and even threaten voters on line.


The Republicants simply cannot win on a level playing field, even in a good smear of “red” states. They have to cheat, lie, manipulate, throw up obstacles to stay in power. Unfortunately the lock they’ve gotten on so many state legislatures over the last few decades has caused so much damage, from gerrymandering on down. That state by state strategy did catch the Dems with their knickers around their ankles. So much happens at the state level which so many people ignore, other than those like the folks who are on TPM discussions. So much attention is paid to the national level only.


They should feel so proud. They kept those uppity voters in their place. Inspiring.


How on earth can they prevent the distribution of food in lines that run blocks off of government property? The optics of enforcing this in predominantly black neighborhoods really is going to look like the Jim Crow south.


I think that’s what they’re counting on.


I’m not sure about that, they want they Jim Crow results, but I doubt they want the pictures that go along with it.


I think their true goal is not to have to care what it looks like, because nobody can do anything about it.


Well, huh! I was assured just yesterday that this would never happen.

I’m beginning to suspect that the gentleman from Kentucky may not be entirely trustworthy.


This stinks and will be painful. But will bite the GOP in the ass, ultimately.


The Republicans are really struggling to see the long game here and are severely underestimating the backlash. Feels desperate.

Disney, for example, does a lot of business in Georgia; they’re also dead serious (as much as a corporation can be) right now about improving their relationship with Black Americans. It’s going to be hard to justify filming anything in the state after this.

Further, this kind of rash voter restriction makes it far easier to justify H.R. 1. Especially the unimportant but evil-sounding restrictions like “no sharing food with people in line.” Good luck putting a shine on that.


I may not live in Georgia, but I can vote by pocketbook. That is only effective if I follow up with a letter or email to the company; CocaCola, AT&T Mobility, Delta Airlines, Chick-fil-A, Home Depot, etc.

Here’s a list of Georgia based companies.